Megaloceros (Papo)

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2020 has been a bumper year for the Palaeozoic, Therapsids and minor creatures of the Mesozoic, but this has come at the expense of Cenozoic species, at least among the major toy lines, and the mammals only made half of this list. CollectA produced Megalodon, and Papo brought out the only mammal of 2020 from the major toy producers. Fortunately, it’s quite a good one of an Ice Age giant that needs more love: Megaloceros.

To the figure! It measures 4.1″ long, 4.8″ high and 4″ wide, making it a decent size, especially with Papo’s other Ice Age mammals. The pose is dramatic, striding majestically, scanning his territory for threats, not looking too worried about anything really. The colours are great, with a mix of browns and whites, really looking the part for a deer, though I wish the hump was a darker colour and they added the stripes seen in certain cave art from Grotte de Cougnac in France, but it still looks really good.

Amongst it’s kind. Alongside the Geoworld (left) and Bullyland (right) models.

To accuracy. With a modern company making this, you would expect this to be good, and it really is! It has everything you would expect, the antlers are correct and the proportions are correct. They even have the hump, as seen in cave art and implied by raised neural spines. Spot on!

With other Ice Age mammals, Papo’s Woolly rhino and Schleich Mammoth

This is a phenomenal piece, well worth the wait (as the release was delayed by two months) and I am so thrilled to have it. There is little to criticise, and I recommend this to anyone interested. It is the best Megaloceros model that money can buy at this time, and for quite reasonable prices. Search online for a good deal, as it won’t disappoint.

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