Megalograptus (Oumcraft)

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Fans of prehistoric creatures have made some remarkable things over the years, including the members of this forum. In recent times, forum member Oammararak showed a kickstarter for their own game LIFE:  evolution of life in earth, the series, to which many of us backed, given the vast number of intriguing species that have never been made by any company. It has been a success, and here we see one of the models, from era- 3, the Ordovician, no. 155. Megalograptus. One of the predators of the era for the game, Megalograptus was a Euryptarid, a sea scorpion that reached 2ft 7″ long, and hunted the waters of Ohio, occasionally eating it’s own kin. How did Oammararak do? Let’s see….

This is a very well sculpted piece, showing the full animal in all it’s glory. It’s a pose that shows all the features of the species, though on a rock, so could be swimming through the ocean or the seabed. It is unpainted, so if you wanted to give it some colour, you can (I got it on Kickstarter, so am reluctant to, keeping it as is). The base is great, and all in the line have it, so a good way to unify the line, with stats and it’s era along the side (I believe Megalograptus is a boss for it’s era, fighting the vertebrate players). It is small, but that works for this species, measuring 1.6″ long and 1″ wide, but Megalograptus grew to a maximum of 2 ft 7″, so workable with some lines.

Accuracy is pretty on point here, getting the general shape and appendages, like the tail, right. It isn’t quite as spiny as the actual animal, but given the size of the figure, I feel that they would be hard to do and keep attached to the body. Despite that, pretty amazing!

All involved with this line did a wonderful job, and it’s figures like this that really shows how the hard work paid off. This is a gorgeous little figure, even if not used as an actual game piece, with plenty of options for collectors to colour and use it. If you like it, head to the Oumcraft site and purchase from there. It’s well worth it!

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Comments 3

  • Looking forward to receiving my order of these, though it’s taking quite a while!

  • I will try, chance depending. Work has been bust and had a lot of rain, but will endeavour to.

  • Great to see this! I must create an Oumcraft category for the blog!
    But your camera is focussing on the stones in the background, so the figure is blurry in your photos. 🙁 Is there any way you can retake them so we can appreciate the figure’s details?

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