Monolophosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors! Yes, it’s a new year, but same old reviews here! Today we see their example of Chinese Theropod Monolophosaurus, a 5.5 metre predator of the late Jurassic. With it’s distinctive skull and large size, it’s understandable that this would stand out for the brand. Let’s take a closer look!

Once more, we have a monotone colour, with a splash of shading and a red mouth. This time the colour is greyish green. The pose is very dynamic, as if roaring at an opponent, fitting for a battling figure line. This, again, is a small figure, at 2.4″ long and 2″ from foot to tip of tail.

Accuracy can be hit and miss on this line, but this does well. The only real issues are the length of the neck (could be longer) and the pronated hands. Otherwise, with a correct limb length, a decent tail size and it’s distinctive skull are all there. Pretty brilliant.

Overall, this is a really nice figure, considering the nature of it’s line (blind bag figures). I very much recommend this figure, though best to try to find the figures you want individually, because hunting through the blind bags can result in the image below. Happy hunting!

And now, Synchronised Theropods!

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