Olorotitan (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

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After bursting onto the scene with a bang in 2016, PNSO underwent some internal problems in 2017 which seemed to put the future of the company and their products in serious doubt. Happily, those appear to have been resolved, as PNSO has recently begun unveiling new prehistoric products, including many lovely little miniatures.

The subject of today’s review is Bardi the Olorotitan, released back in 2016. A native of Far East Russia, Olorotitan is one of a few lambeosaurines known from outside North America and can easily be recognized by its axe blade-shaped crest. Like many ornithopods, it is sadly underrepresented in the world of prehistoric toys; the only previous one was released by CollectA way back in 2008.

Bardi is posed in a walking stance with her head turned to the right and her tail swinging to the left. This gives her a length of 8.5 cm long. Her main colour is beige with dark brown spots, light orange eyes, and a splash of blue on her crest. Not a very striking colour scheme, but a realistic one.

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The sculpting on Bardi is precisely what we’ve come to expect from PNSO: excellent. Her body is covered in very fine wrinkles and a bumpy ridge runs down the length of her vertebrae. Her crest is grooved and the musculature in her limbs and neck is well-defined. You can even feel the ribs along her sides. Plenty of larger dinosaur toys have less detail than this. And in terms of accuracy, Bardi rates high. Her limbs and tail have the correct dimensions and appearance for a lambeosaurine and her neck is appropriately long (it was made up of 18 vertebrae, after all!). My only criticism is that her crest ought to be shorter.

I’ve reviewed miniatures by CollectA, Papo, and Safari, and I really do feel that PNSO has them all beat out in this field. Bardi the Olorotitan is a wonderful little toy that should please collectors of all stripes.

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  • It is a miniature as it says the article (excellent and precise article) of complete luxury is seen the hand of Zhao Chuag magnificent paleoartista worldwide. On the other hand, I would like PNSO to convert, over the years, the miniature figures of its dinosaurs and prehistoric toy animals into large-sized figures such as tyrannosaurus, triceratops or mamenchisaurus. Let’s hope they continue with their excellent production.

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