Ozraptor (Lost Kingdoms Series B by Yowie)

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The preservation of fossils can be a truly amazing thing, giving us a precise look at the ancient world, with preservation of complete specimens and even organic material being kept. On the other hand, it can also only give us fragmentary fossils and nothing more. Still, these fragments tell us that there was a creature in this area that we didn’t previously know, and thus a new species is erected. This review will take a look at one such species, known from a single leg bone: Ozraptor, by Yowie, one of Australias oldest known dinosaurs.

This figure is quite small, as to be expected for a self built figure from a confectionery line, measuring 2.9″ long and 2.4″ high. It’s quite dynamic, both in colour scheme and pose. The colours are orange stripes on top, yellow stripes underneath, bluish grey all over, with a mix of white and black spots over the body. The pose is looking about, more upright, as if checking it’s being chased by bigger predators. There is a little wiggle to the arms and legs, giving it a little extra posability. Quite nice!

Owing to this being a species based on very little fossil evidence, accuracy is hard to comment on. It is now thought to be an early abelisaurid, so the arms should be much shorter, the neck is likely far too long and the head too small. The one inaccuracy I can say for certain is the pronated hands. Does look more like an ornithomimid than a true abelisauroid.

This is a bit of a cartoonish figure, not really for those looking for accuracy. Mind you, it’s hard to comment on accuracy on, owing to the lack of materials to base the animal on. It’s still a fun toy that kids would love, and is an unique figure that only this line has made, so worth picking up for that if you’re interested. A middle of the road figure, so up to you if you think it’s worthwhile.

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