Pachycephalosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Kinto Favorite)

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Despite the figure’s small size, there are plenty of fine details to appreciate on this release from Kinto/Favorite’s earlier days.

Favorite Co. Ltd is among the better dinosaur toy producers currently in the market, even though many of their figures are either out of production or exclusive to Japan. While their main Soft Model line tends to focus on the most famous dinosaur genera, at least a few “B-list” dinos have been given the Favorite treatment – such as Pachycephalosaurus from Series 1, the subject of this review.

Measuring roughly 14 centimeters long, the Favorite Pachycephalosaurus is inscribed as 1:50 scale; this seems based on estimates of live animals reaching up to 7 meters in length. Current estimates I’ve seen put the animal at only 4.5 m, however, so the figure would more accurately be in 1:32 or 1:33 scale.

Despite the figure’s small size, there are plenty of fine details to observe. The majority of it is covered in tiny sculpted scales, giving it a textile sensation that makes it delightful to handle. Seven rows of larger scutes run along the sides from the neck to the tail, and the skull is adorned with numerous studs and spikes, just like those which the real animal is known for. Anatomical proportions overall are on-point, with only small discrepancies in the tail length and foot size–the latter permitting the figure to balance without its tail. Ironically, the actual sculpting of the feet is cruder than the rest of the figure, but balance is retained on mine, for the most part.

The thick-headed dinosaur is painted with modest, earthy tones of brownish red and orange, with subtle gray zigzags and red spots along the back; the overall appearance is reminiscent of certain desert reptiles today. The eyes are a bright yellow, albeit a little sloppily painted. Between posture and color, this Pachycephalosaurus appears alive and alert without being overtly excited or dramatic.

Favorite Co. generally delivers on quality for its dinosaurs, and while Pachycephalosaurus isn’t one of their stand-out productions, it’s a fine figure worth considering for one’s collection. Favorite no longer produces this figure, but DeJankins should still have some in stock, and you can always watch eBay for listings.

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  • I obtained this beautiful figure thanks to Dejankins and I can assert that it is one of the best pachycephalosaurus made so far along with that of Battat for example.

    Figure well proportioned although a little small, although that characteristic is typical of the figures of dinosaurs of Favorite Soft Model and obviously of his commercial philosophy to which I respect and admire.

  • Really quite a good figure for one of Favorite’s 2004 models. I also got most of this range from Dejankins or the Black Hills Institute. None of this earlier group are as gaudily painted as the 2013’s, which might be considered to be a plus.

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