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Allosaurus “Raptillion” (Plasma Dinosaurs by Mega Bloks)

This little oddball of a dinosaur toy won’t be winning any beauty OR accuracy contests, but is it a decently entertaining piece in its own right?

Allosaurus (2000)(Bullyland)

This ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’-inspired model was one of the better Allosaur toys of its time, and is an arguably good model even today.

Allosaurus (2019)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

The latest Allosaurus toy courtesy of Safari ltd has landed; is it the definitive Allosaur of the 2010s we’ve all been waiting for?

Allosaurus (Dino Escape: Roar Attack by Mattel – 2021 ver. 1)

The star of ‘Battle at Big Rock’ is back to bat under Mattel, with a slight makeover in play features and paint job.

Allosaurus (Kid Galaxy/Lontic by Happy Kin)

Although this DK-inspired poseable figure is alright as a generic theropod toy, it’s a pretty weak depiction of the iconic genus it’s meant to represent.

Allosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Despite representing the same genus, Favorite co’s first take on the famous Jurassic theropod is remarkably different their their currently-produced version.

Ankylosaurus (Dinoland by Sinclair)

Although their figures are often confused with the famous Marx line of dinosaurs, Sinclair’s Ankylosaurs has its own share of unique features.

Archaeopteryx (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

There are surprisingly few good figures of the famous “first bird”, so Favorite co’s second new 2017 model is a welcome one.

Balaur (Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series by Creative Beast Studio)

An unfortunate case of science outpacing merchandise, this highly-detailed and articulated dino-bird still has many merits.

Brachiosaurus (ANIA/Animal Adventure by Takara Tomy)

Brachiosaurus marks the fourth prehistoric animal Takara produced for their animal line, and is a decent – if unremarkable – depiction of the sauropod.

Brontosaurus (MPC)

This classic little sauropod is best viewed today as a relic, a curious piece of memorabilia nestled between more interesting figures which came before and after it.

Brontosaurus (Sinclair Dinoland)

Sinclair’s Brontosaurus and its plastic compatriots are time capsules to a moment of zeitgeist in paleo pop-culture, and stand as charming testaments to the evolving nature of paleontology and memorabilia.

Carcharodontosaurus (GR Toys by Haolongood)

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a “shark-toothed” theropod model as decked-out and detailed as this one, although a couple of design flaws might have one hesitating at the retail price.

Carcharodontosaurus (Jurassic World Dino Escape 2nd ver. by Mattel)

What makes this particular release stand out is its coloration, which contrasts starkly with the plainer pattern of the figure’s first release.

Dilophosaurus (2020)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

This isn’t the first time a dinosaur toy has been rendered obsolete shortly out of the gate, but it’s still an overall solid figure of the genus.