Pentaceratops (Papo)

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Review and photos by H. Sanchez, edited by Suspsy

Pentaceratops is a fairly well-known dinosaur, although not very represented in toy form. The most prominent one up until now is the one by Schleich. Today we will be reviewing this 2019 model by Papo. While it is true that it was not liked by many people at first due to the bipedal pose, I never thought of not acquiring it.

Sculpture and design

Starting with the incredible sculpting from Papo, you can see that they have been striving since their first green T. rex to continue giving us incredible fine detail in all their figures. We can see that the whole body is covered with small scales together with very impressive musculature. It also has a row of osteoderms on the back, thick wrinkles around the shoulders and hips, and lots of epoccipitals on the frill, which all look flawless. The horns are very similar to the 2005 Triceratops, with fine stripes and cracks. The Pentaceratops stands 13 cm/5,11″ tall and measures 20 cm/7,87″ long.


As usual, Papo does an exceptional job when painting their models. And for me, this is one of the best examples. The frill has a dark green striped pattern jutting out of the orange spots, which continue along the back. The rest of the body is a muddy green with a very natural look, and the underside is a mixture of orange and flesh colors. As usual, the feet have a dark wash and the horns do not have the typical gray color, but a beautiful and realistic brown with darkened tips.


To the surprise of many collectors, Papo choose to make a figure with double pose, which makes this figure even better. It can be put it in an active quadruped posture with a front leg raised forward, or rearing up on its hind legs and tail. Perfect to go with the Papo Gorgosaurus.

In conclusion, I think this is one of the best specimens of this five-horned ceratopsian. The only thing that I didn’t just like is that the front feet lack the fifth digit, which was previously represented on the Styracosaurus and the Pachyrhinosaurus. But Papo has never been all that accurate; instead, they just offer us incredible sculptures of the creatures we most admire.

If you want to buy the Pentaceratops, you can find it basically anywhere that sells Papo figures, including Amazon and Everything Dinosaur. You may even still be able get it in the two-pack with the Gorgosaurus, as I did. Bye! Hope you liked this review.

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  • It is for me one of the best pentaceratops made by a toy brand although it is in my opinion Papo’s pentaceratops matched in genius to its Favorite Soft Model museum model counterpart. It is the best ceraptósido made by Papo to date by far, far exceeds its styracosaurus and pachyrhinosaurus counterparts by far. Magnificent constructive criticism of this great ceraptósido of Papo. I congratulate you.

  • I won’t let the missing digit throw me off what is otherwise a beautiful sculpt. I just assume that it’s a genetic defect, as occasionally happens with many tetrapods. Yes, I enjoyed your positive review of this splendid product.

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