Plesiosaur (Larami)

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Often times it’s easier and cheaper to copy another toy company’s fine work and that’s precisely what we have here. Behold the Larami Plesiosaur, a cheap imitation of Invicta’s classic sculpt. This toy actually came as part of a wedding package from a dear old friend of mine.


First up, this plesiosaur is clearly not Plesiosaurus itself. Rather, the long neck suggests a member of the family Elasmosauridae. From nose to tail tip, it measures 27 cm long and is coloured light brown with very dark brown markings, a beige underbelly, and yellow eyes. It’s actually a fairly decent colour scheme.


Unlike the Invicta on which it’s based, the Larami’s flippers are rotated vertically, as though it were in the middle of putting on a burst of speed (not that plesiosaurs are thought to have been fast swimmers). Like most plesiosaur toys, the skin is entirely smooth save for a few wrinkles at the joints. The head is crudely sculpted, with barely any mouth detail. And the multiple seams on the body are painfully visible, especially the one right across the midsection. Oh, and there’s a hole at the base of the tail on the left side. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about this toy.


The Plesiosaur is one of the better Larami figures, but if you’ve read the other reviews on the DTB, you’ll know that’s damning with faint praise. Unless you’re a completist or a hardcore plesiosaur fan, you can probably go your entire life and be perfectly happy without acquiring this toy.

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  • I’m a completist, I have it! Two colour versions in fact, this one and a blue one (imitating the original Invicta even more closely).

  • fairly certain I owned a orange and green version of this figure or something very similar as a child. I remember it fondly, but I always pretended it was an actual dinosaur instead of a plesiosaur, meaning it ran around on its rear flippers all day XD

  • The colour scheme of this toy looks a lot like the original colour scheme of the Carnegie Collection Elasmosaurus.

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