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Acrocanthosaurus (Salvat)

1.4 (9 votes)
Review by Patrick Padilha
As you may know, it’s not easy to choose a figure to review when you have a small collection and most of the figures you do have were already inspected by one of the expert collectors of DTB. I was wondering which item of my collection I could review and I did spot the perfect figures for my reviews.

Amargasaurus (Salvat)

1 (3 votes)
Review and photos be Patrick Król Padilha (a.k.a. Ikessauro), edited by Plesiosauria.
Hi folks, how you doing? If you don’t remember me, I’m Patrick a.k.a. Ikessauro, a collector from Brazil. I enjoy collecting most kinds of prehistoric critters from companies from all around the world. Those who know me from The Dinosaur Toy Forum are aware that I’m a huge fan of the Salvat dinosaur figures and occasionally I review them here as a guest.

Camarasaurus (Waiphoon)

2.5 (2 votes)
The well known and abundant late Jurassic sauropod, Camarasaurus, is seldom counted as a favorite among dinosaur enthusiasts. True, it’s not the largest or most elegant example of the group. In fact, looking at the skeletal elements and the skull especially, it might be tempting to call this dinosaur ugly.

Dilophosaurus (Moveable Toy by Wing Crown / Gosnell by Boley)

2.7 (7 votes)

In the world of paleoart and paleomerch, it’s very common to see artists and toymakers draw inspiration from the imagery of other creators. Often this can be a good thing and a chance to reinforce contemporary understanding – consider how many vintage toys drew from Charles R Knight and Rudolph Zallinger – but sometimes it ends up becoming flagrant theft of another’s hard work.

Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Museum Collection, Series 2 (Larami Corp)

2.2 (9 votes)

Larami’s Museum set is looking pretty dated now, but it’s a charming playset all the same and one of the more memorable imitators out there.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; by that metric the dinosaur toy industry has been incredibly generous towards the leading toy brands.

Ichthyosaur (Playful Home)

3.3 (3 votes)
Most kids love dinosaurs, this is a fact. Other prehistoric creatures too but as we know many non-dinosaurs are still called dinosaurs, so the umbrella term here is dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaurs. Most adults however end up losing this interest, it’s a shame really. Who decided that dinosaurs were kid stuff anyway?

Plesiosaur (Larami)

1.3 (4 votes)
Often times it’s easier and cheaper to copy another toy company’s fine work and that’s precisely what we have here. Behold the Larami Plesiosaur, a cheap imitation of Invicta’s classic sculpt. This toy actually came as part of a wedding package from a dear old friend of mine.

First up, this plesiosaur is clearly not Plesiosaurus itself.

Therizinosaurus (Salvat)

1.2 (6 votes)

One issue that will always plague any creative outlet is this: plagiarism. Many will copy the best for a quick and easy way to get sales or attention. When it’s mentioned here, usually this is in referenced to Geoworld, and they are certainly guilty of this. However, they aren’t the only ones though.

Tyrannosaurus (Boley/Gosnell)

1.8 (27 votes)

This derivative dinosaur toy draws its inspiration from a surprisingly modern and good-quality source; but like all knockoffs, the nature of that “inspiration” might leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

Knockoffs are an ever-present element of the toy industry, and a persistent quandary for collectors. A knockoff is a product which imitates another, original product, usually without copying it precisely in order to slyly evade copyright infringement.

Tyrannosaurus (Larami)

1.2 (5 votes)
Larami released eleven ugly prehistoric animal vinyl figures in the 1990, most of which were bad copies of the good old Invicta classics. The own designs, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus and Ankylosaurus, were simply horrible and cannot really be recognized as a dinosaur in the case of the Ankylosaurus.

But let us concentrate on the T.rex who may have served as a blueprint for the Toy Story Rex because of its charming smile.

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