Plesiosaurus (3D Puzzle by Fame Master)

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Hi folks! I´m happy to submit a brand new review, my first one for nearly a year. It is about the Plesiosaurus 3D puzzle, produced by Fame Master, which is being distributed by a company named Spiegelburg/Coppenrath in Germany.

It’s a nice figure, very easy to fit and makes a nice contribution to every collector’s shelf or cabinet. It’s clearly a toy, however, but a cool one. There were two seasons and four animals of these 3D toys, covering the classic spectrum of the most famous dinosaurs.

The colours of the Plesiosaurus are a classic choice for this animal, blue and white with a camouflage pattern. The pose is dynamic, classic as well. We see an animal after a lucky hunt, with a coelacanth in the chops.

The small coelacanth is surprisingly detailed and has big eyes, which is no surprise since it´s the hapless victim of the elegant Plesiosaurus. Its bite marks fix it in the mouth of the Plesiosaurus. I do not know how likely an encounter of these creatures was, but it is cool to see some icons of palaeontology in one model. Something extinct together with something recent, what a nice and winking combination! The figure reminds me of the Kaiyodo plesiosaurs and resembles them in its pose. But it’s twice as big and a little rougher.

Plesiosaur lovers around this world, go and get this model! You will not be disappointed!

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