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Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Museum Collection, Series 2 (Larami Corp)

2.2 (9 votes)

Larami’s Museum set is looking pretty dated now, but it’s a charming playset all the same and one of the more memorable imitators out there.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; by that metric the dinosaur toy industry has been incredibly generous towards the leading toy brands.

Plesiosaur (Invicta)

5 (8 votes)
It is with much trepidation that I attempt to review my next figure. It’s actually one I’ve intended on reviewing for years but when you write for a blog owned by a plesiosaur expert you’re naturally a bit hesitant to review a plesiosaur model, especially based on accuracy. Honestly I’m a bit shocked this classic hasn’t been reviewed yet but I digress.

Plesiosaurus (3D Puzzle by Fame Master)

3 (3 votes)

Hi folks! I´m happy to submit a brand new review, my first one for nearly a year. It is about the Plesiosaurus 3D puzzle, produced by Fame Master, which is being distributed by a company named Spiegelburg/Coppenrath in Germany.

It’s a nice figure, very easy to fit and makes a nice contribution to every collector’s shelf or cabinet.

Plesiosaurus (Jurassic World Battle Damage by Mattel)

3 (8 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

If you had to ask me what my favorite prehistoric marine reptiles are, there’s probably only about a handful or two of them compared to the dinosaurs that they shared the Mesozoic with (and which they often are assumed to be, unfortunately).

Plesiosaurus (Papo)

1.9 (11 votes)
The exciting news in 2010 that Papo was to release a plesiosaur, their first ever marine reptile, was quashed quickly when I saw the early publicity photograph. The picture revealed a disappointing Nessie-like concoction with a chubby body and a swan-like neck. In the flesh, the Papo Plesiosaurus evokes mixed feelings.

Plesiosaurus (Schleich)

3.5 (22 votes)

Edited by Plesiosauria.

Today’s review is a 2020 Schleich figure that I knew about since 2016. The animal is Plesiosaurus, a long-necked predator that lends its name to a whole Order of marine reptiles that lived from the Early Jurassic all the way up to the Late Cretaceous. The Schleich Plesiosaurus was temporarily listed by name on their website way back in 2016 (and I have a screen cap to prove it), but was taken down for some unknown reason.

Plesiosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4 (2 votes)
Favorite’s ‘Soft Models’ tend to receive acclaim on the Dinosaur Toy Blog and I’ve been promising to review the Plesiosaurus for…well, years actually. Certain members of the Dinosaur Toy Forum tend not to let me forget it! So it will be a weight off my shoulders to finally give this figure the attention it deserves.

Plesiosaurus (version 2) (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd)

4.5 (4 votes)
Nope, you’re not seeing double. Ever since Favorite released their second wave of ‘Soft Models’, their line is starting to resemble an alternative retelling of the Noah’s Ark fable, in which the dinosaurs march along two by two. That’s because they decided, instead of creating new species, to redo and update their existing species list.

Plesiosaurus skull (Favorite Co. Ltd)

5 (2 votes)
Here’s a bit of an experiment – our first ever video review. So, I’ll stand back and let the youtube video do the talking (video also embedded below). I will note, however, that I’m a complete novice when it comes to recording and editing, so there’s a lot of room for improvement!

Prehistoric Animal Set (The Ark by Joy City)

3.3 (3 votes)

Every now and again, something rather interesting pops up that you wouldn’t expect to be as good as you’d think. The toy sets you would see at supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl, often seen as cheap item makers, having something worth getting. Here, we examine the Joy City line on prehistoric animals, a counterpoint to there Dinosaur wave, which seems more typical chinasaur.

Z-Cardz Prehistoric Series 1 (California Creations)

1.4 (7 votes)

The models in this set are a nice set of famous or classic prehistoric genera, but they definitely leave a lot to be desired as interesting renditions of said animals.

Welcome to the third entry of the Z-Cardz review series! Z-Cardz were a constructible card game line by California Creations, which predated the more prolific game lines by companies like WizKids, who officially coined the term for this style of toy.

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