Procynosuchus (Bullyland)

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Today I want to introduce to you an extraordinary Bullyland figure that is not available that easily: The Procynosuchus from the “Korbacher Spalte” in Germany (“cleft of Korbach”). Also called the “Korbach dachshund”, this ‘mammal-like reptile’ has been found in a cleft where Permian layers outcrop, about 256 million years old. The cleft is now canopied, being a popular place for tourists interested in the history of life.

Procynosuchus (“Pre – Dog – Crocodile”) was about 60 cm long; not much is known about his mode of life. Some scientists suppose it had an otter-like lifestyle while others think it lived like a modern wolf. So be it –Procynosuchus has become a hallmark and a mascot of the town Korbach in Hessen, Germany, who dedicated this animal a small museum that´s really been arranged quite lovely. You can find a big diorama, cabinets on fossilisation and much more.

As far as I know, the museum in Korbach has been dedicated the Bullyland version of the animal exclusively, so it can only be bought there, which I find is very enthralling. A German animal reconstructed by a German company, only available in one museum shop. That´s fascinating, isn’t it?

The reconstruction itself is very detailed. It is 10 cm long, 4 cm tall, a light brown colour with darker stripes for camouflage, a somewhat doleful mien, the legs erect and the tail lift off the floor – everything has been made quite correctly and authentically. I especially love the topview because it shows the animal is being depicted in an elegant forward movement, maybe fleeing an predator or even predating itself. The skin pattern does not show any scales but mammal – like folds, it’s a pity that the supposed whiskers cannot be reconstructed in a rubber model of this size.

I recommend you to try to order this rare figure at the Korbach Museum in Hessen, Germany. You may wish to contact them, I am sure you will be welcomed!

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  • Johannes, the jurassic park line by kenner made a lyceanops– It is about in scale with this figure. 😀

    And I have to say, this fig is awesome! I love him! 🙂

  • It’s always nice to see a model of an non-mammalian synapsid, there are too few of them (some *Dimetrodons* Bullyland’s *Edaphosaurus* and the Kaiyodo therocephalian, that’s pretty much all), even if I would have expected to see fur – after all, *Procynosuchus* is either closely related to, or a junior synonym for, *Thrinaxodon*, and the latter is invariably depicted as a furry creature. Still, an excellent model, and it would be nice to see more Permo-Triassic critters: Perhaps a gorgonopsian, a correct therocephalian wihout the double-canines of the Kaiyodo model, two dinocephalians – a herbivore like *Moschops* or *Estemmenosuchus*, and a carnivorous anteosaur, a dicynodont, and some of the non-synapsids, like pareiasaurs and temnospondyls.

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