Rapator (Lost Kingdoms Series B by Yowie)

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Australia has a wide array of species throughout the different periods and epochs. This has resulted in many different genus’ being constructed from the many pieces that had been found. Some have been erected from only a few pieces. Here, we see one such example, Rapator, a Mid-Cretaceous theropod known from a single metacarpal. The fact a figure made from this is a surprise to see, but Yowie did it. Let’s see what they did with it.

Here, we see a theropod stepping out, possibly tracking prey. There is a little movement of the tail and head, giving it a little poseability. The colours are light and dark blues, mixed with yellow spots and a yellow under the neck, quite good. It is small, measuring 3″ long, 1.1″ high and 0.5″ wide, so not really scaling amongst other lines.

Now to the troubling point, accuracy. What Rapator actually is is up for debate, but it’s closeness to Australiovenator suggests it is a megaraptoran. The hand does seem close to it, as it should be, but that is really all that can be said. It does seem like a megaraptoran, but it’s so generic that little can be gleamed from it, as it becomes generic theropod no. 44.

This is a nice model, no doubt, but the lack of material on it makes it hard to say what is right or wrong about it. I dare say kids will love it and collectors may grab it, if only for it’s unique nature as the only figure of the species. It is long discontinued, so eBay is your best bet. I can’t recommend it strongly, but it’s up to you.

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