Redondasaurus vs. Coelophysis (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

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Morning sun rises over the Pangean plains of the Late Triassic. The wet season has just ended, and it is a time of plenty for herbivores across the scrub land. This means the predators do well too. A lone Coelophysis wonders the land, searching for water to wash down a recent meal. The female stops by a lake, watching carefully as she drinks. Suddenly, the waters swirl and a large pair of jaws erupt from the lake. The Coelophysis manages to avoid the giant jaws before they close in on her. A massive Redondasaurus, the most advanced phytosaur of it’s time, just misses his prey. As they squeal and hiss at one another, this encounters shows how their evolutionary lines will go: one is the last of their line, the other a start of a great dynasty.

Favorite has made several vs. figures line, making some great figures old and new species in superb quality. Here we see an example of this: Redondasaurus vs. Coelophysis, an example of a dino that has been building up reputation and the most advanced phytosaur that ever evolved.

Let’s start with the well known dino. This Coelophysis is a real gem, not the more modern feathered version, but nice. The dark red stripes on an ochre body works really well here, accompanied by a rather alarmed look (though you would be too if you were attacked by a giant phytosaur!). Accuracy is pretty spot on, it’s slender proportions brilliantly caught, though a little shrink wrapped in the skull and legs. Owing to the skinny nature of it’s feet, it has a base to stand on, a river bank, though mine doesn’t always want to stay plugged into it. It measures 4.1″ long and 1.8″ high, small, but works well here.

Next up is Redondasaurus. Phytosaurs are incredibly rare in toy form,, usually Rutiodon, so seeing this is a treat. Redondasaurus is the most evolutionary advanced phytosaur of all, along with being the last. Phytosaurs are very similar to crocodilians, and you can tell that inspired this model, having similar colours to a Nile crocodile and a pose that often seems to be used in other croc figures, hissing at an enemy. Again, very accurate, with the high nares, long skull, osteoderms and limbs all correct. At 6.5″ long and 2″ high, it works well in this set with it’s co-star.

This is a gorgeous set, giving us our only rendition of Redondasaurus and a decent Coelophysis, well worth a pick up. The problem is finding it, as this was first made in 2016 and was not cheap then. EBay is your best bet, but if you find it at a good price, grab it!

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  • This pair is a fine example of several boxed pairs that are absolutely worth tracking down and acquiring. Not easy, but worth the effort.

  • The redondasaurus and the coelophysis of Favorite Soft Model and other prehistoric animal fighting models of Favorite obviously obviously in my case much more than the fighting figures that have been marketed recently as the protoceratops vs velociraptor to give an example beautiful figures but very small, I wish they were the same decent size as the set mentioned.

    Beautiful indohyus story and beautiful article and magnificent photographs. I recommend that set of figures since as the indohyus article says they are becoming increasingly rare in the market. The Redondasaurus is the only one of the toy figures of the order Phytosauria, which has a size more than decent.

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