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Interview by Scrat, edited and photos by Bokisaurus

Hiiiiieee blog readers, Scrat here! Yes, I’m filling in for Bokisaurus! He begged me claiming he is suffering from writers block and needed a break. Before he left, he went on and on and on about me having to be on brand blah blah blah until I finally hit him in the head with my acorn to shut him up! I told him it’s my way or no way am I going to fill in for him. Guess what? Here I am!

Scrat:  Welcome to my very first interview for the blog !As my very first guest, I decided to interview another Smilodon. Well, after Bokisaurus did his review of RECUR’s Smilodon, I felt I needed to set the record straight regarding some of the comments he made about Smilodon. So, I decided to invite my good friend and costar from the hit movie Ice Age to help me. Please welcome Diego to the blog!

Diego: Hey little furry friend, glad to finally be invited and featured in this blog! Excited to be here. I was looking forward to Boki doing my review, but you interviewing me is even better!

Ice Age The Lockdown

Scrat: I’m glad you are able to join us considering your busy schedule. So, how are things going after your last film? The last two years was also hard with the pandemic, how did you manage?

Diego: It’s been great, I finally have some time to relax and enjoy some time to just chill out and be a cat.Yeah, the pandemic scared me especially when there were news that some big cats were developing it early on, that was scary! But I pretty much kept indoors like everyone else and just enjoyed the free time.Also got all my vaccines!

Scrat: We have a lot to cover so let’s jump right in. In the last Smilodon review that Bokisaurus did, I was not happy with some of the comments he made and how he portrayed us. I mean, he made you look like a madman attaching a Mammoth, and he had the nerve to literally make me look like a cat toy at the end! A cat toy, can you believe that?

Scrat is still holding a g grudge because of the photo. What it should have been.

Diego: I literally can’t stop laughing when I saw that photo, I was laughing so hard I coughed up a huge hairball! But yeah, I felt that there was too much focus on accuracy in that review and very dismissive of actors. Can we see that photo again? that look of terror in your face, classic!

Scrat: Right? I know that Manfred “Manny” and you don’t exactly get along like how it was in the film, but I felt that Bokisaurus portraying you attacking a mammoth was over the top. How did that make you feel? Can we pull that photo for our readers.

The photo that offended Scrat and Diego.

Diego: I’m used to the stereotype of the vicious cat, just because Manny and I don’t get along doesn’t mean I’m out to get him. Let’s just say that cats and elephants don’t really mix well, tolerate yes.

“Ignore that elephant and pretend you don’t see him!”

Scrat: Accuracy, they love to talk about that here on the blog. Many readers would say that your portrayal of Smilodon is so inaccurate, thoughts?

Diego: Hahaha, do I look like I care? Look, they call Smilodon “Saber-tooth tiger”, a tiger? not even close! And they keep on insisting to make us look like lions when we are not even related! So, no, I don’t really care after all the movie is so successful and rank as one of the highest grossing animated films!

Scrat: Playing the devil’s advocate since the accuracy fanatics expects me to ask, do you think that you are misrepresenting Smilodon?

Diego: Take one look at me and tell me what you see. Exactly, you know exactly that I’m a Smilodon, right? At least they didn’t insist on having me wear a wig in the film. So, no, I don’t think I’m misrepresenting Smilodon at all.

Scrat: Speaking of Lions, they based your costumes in the films on the colors seen on lions, you know boring yellow colors, did you have any input at all about that?

Diego: I wanted to look really cool in the film and wanted to have stripes and spots, but producers felt that was too flamboyant and dismissed that idea. I still think Sid had something to do with that! But I wore a nice dark brown strip  on my back at least and the fur details are rather nice.

Sid denying he had something to do with the outfit choices.

Scrat: In the film you were the odd man out being the only predator among us, do you feel like you were added just as a token?

Diego: They wanted to create this vision of utopia where we all lived in harmony, but I guess that’s Hollywood, right? All an illusion, but what they don’t see is the big platter of Macrauchenia chops I eat off camera!

There’s nothing accurate about this.

Scrat: But the critics would say that was very inaccurate portrayal of how it was back then.

Diego: Look, it’s an animated film made by Hollywood for hairball’s sake! if they want accuracy, they should watch a David Attenborough documentary!

Scrat:  There was a rumor that you hesitated signing up for one of the sequels, which one was it and why?

Diego: Yes, I was not interested in doing Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Seriously, why make another movie with dinosaurs? We already proved with the first film that a movie with just prehistoric mammals and birds can make lots of money. So, yeah, I didn’t want to do that sequel but I signed a contract. 

Scrat: I understand, I mean just look at all the reviews that Bokisaurus writes, they are all about Dinosaurs this, Dinosaur that! I resent being used just as a photo prop for those scaly creatures!

Diego: On the bright side, I guess having you among those scaly creatures is a good reminder that mammals lived alongside dinosaurs, right? Didn’t Bokisaurus did a review piece on you at least?

Scrat: He did! I remember when I auditioned for the role of his guide. I believe he did it as his 40th review for the blog, at least he dispelled the rumor that I was just a made-up creature!

Diego: Wait, there really was an animal like you?

Scrat: I’m going to smack you with this acorn! Hahaha! Do you even read?

Diego: So, you’re accurate after all! But are you a squirrel?

Scrat: Correction, A saber-tooth squirrel ! I guess we have that saber-tooth in common in our names, who knows we may even be related! You were in the last installment, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild,the sixth one I believe, how was that? I heard there were dinosaurs!

Diego: You haven’t seen the movie? Bwahaha! Dude, they must have done a great job because I was not in the movie!

Scrat: Get out of here! Who was that smilodon then?

Diego: Dude, I told you I don’t want to make any movie with dinosaurs! I refused to sign up for that streaming sequel, so they did a recast and found a lookalike to play the role. 

Checking out Diego’s replacement in the Sixth film.

Scrat: Ouch, that bad huh?! And I heard it wasn’t very good and got a lot of negative reviews and that fans were upset about the recasting and the fact that I wasn’t in the movie.

Diego: Oh yes! They cast those little furry munchkins with naked tails instead in the central roles! Did you decline a cameo on that film bye the way?

Taunting Scrat and Diego: The annoying stars from the new movie,

Scrat: Ha! Do you think I wanted to be in the same movie as those pesky annoying rodents? Oh wait, are they rodents? Possum? What are they?

Diego: beats me! I heard they were as annoying in person as they were in the film.Wait, is that… Wilson? It is! WILLSSOOOOOONNNN! Hey buddy, its me Diego!

Wilson: Whasssuupppp furry mammals!

Selfie with the superstar Wilson

Diego: DIEGO! Diego from the Ice Age Movie! Big, no no, HUGEEEE Fan of yours! hey, can we have a selfie with you?

Wilson: Sure kitty Kat everyone else wants one with me. You got a phone, Scrat?See ya around Scrat and nice to finally meet you Diego!

Diego and Scrat: Thanks Wilson, that was Awesomeeeeeee! yeah!

Diego: Wilson is so nice and good looking in person! I can’t believe all that negative press he has been getting!

Clowning around with the big guy.

Scrat: I know, right? He is so sweet and impressive in person. He is so misunderstood by his critics. He is one of my favorite dinosaurs. Oh we have a question from one of our readers CrazyforSmilodon: what are your statistics and are you single?

Diego: I’m 5” long from nose to tail tip and 3” inches tall, and I’m very much single at the moment wink wink. Scrat: Okay ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first, Diego is single!

Scrat: Holly acorn! We are just about out of time! I guess those supermodels from PNSO  are finally ready for their photo shoot! I tell you; they are a demanding and fickle bunch! We are going on a trip to this location Bokisaurus wanted to put them in.

Diego: Can you blame them? Speaking of, are we going on location for a photoshoot?

Scrat: Dude, I don’t have a budget for that! But…wait for it… if we take off now, I know of this place where we can have a few scrumptious acorn martini, catch up, and watch the sunset if your’e up for it.

Diego: Oh absolutely! Le’s go!

Just old friends catching up and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Ice Age movie!

Scrat: That’s all the time we have, thank you all for joining me and Diego. I hope that you enjoyed the interview, and if you did, leave a comment below for Bokisaurus to consider having me do more in the future! Stay safe and healthy, see you all on the next Boki review, Cheers!

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  • Well that was fun! And I genuinely wasn’t aware of this iteration of Diego before, so educational too!

  • Well, that was certainly an original concept for a review. Nicely done! I watched that 6th Ice Age movie on Disney+ and ouch, it was painful. None of the Ice Age sequels are particularly good but that last one was insulting to the franchise and its fans. A truly bad movie.

    • Haha, I have been wanting to do something different for a while now and this opportunity was too good to not jump on!

  • Welcome to the guest reviewers, Scrat! Haha! It was nice of you to fill in for Bokisaurus, and I enjoyed your banter with Diego. There’s always a place for stylized depictions of prehistory in media, and it was great to see your original film set a precedent again for non-dinosaur franchise. Happy anniversary, by the way!

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