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My forum name is Bokisaurus or “Boki” for short. My real name is Ashley. I started collecting dinosaur figures 13 years ago. When I started, I collected only figures from my favorite groups of dinosaurs: sauropods, ceratopsians, and duckbills. It’s only within the last 8 years that I started adding figures from all the different groups. Besides collecting dinosaur toy figures, my other passion in life is Art and the outdoors. I take every opportunity I have to go out to the coast or the forest, taking some dino figures with me to make dioramas as an added bonus! I live in Seattle, Washington where it’s always sunny :o)

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Review: Tyrannosaurus (Sell Rite Giftware (SRG))

4 (37 votes)

Today, dinosaurs have become a permanent fixture in our pop culture, from toys to multi-million blockbuster movies, dinosaur seems to be everywhere. But there was a time when dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals were confined to the sterile walls of museums, a scientific curiosity that were outside of the mainstream.

Review: Torosaurus (PNSO Museum Line)

4.3 (42 votes)

The thundering sounds of stampeding animals shatter the tranquil morning air. A herd of Torosaurus has just walked into an ambush on their way to the forest edge and are now running for their lives towards the safety of the open plains. The herd runs tightly together for safety except for one animal who seems to hesitate, stop, then breaks off from the group and heads back towards the forest edge.

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Review: Hesperosaurus ( Cesar Gomez)

4.8 (12 votes)

For decades, Stegosaurus was( and still is) the most famous of all the Stegosaurid family, its the first one that people know when asked to name one from this fascinating group. Over the last decade, some of it’s relatives started to gain some fame, species like Kentrosaurus has become a regular fixture in art as well as in the toy model world as well as pop culture.

Review: Spinosaurus Swimming ( CollectA )

4.7 (42 votes)

Fashion and dinosaur, what an odd thing to try and weave together in a toy review. If you grew up in the 90’s like me, or is interested in fashion, I’m sure you are familiar with the reign of the supermodels in that decade. In the fashion world the 90’s is often referred to as the era of supermodels for good reasons: models were everywhere.

Review: Styracosaurus (PNSO)

4.5 (50 votes)

In the last two decades many new and exciting discoveries have been made that added an impressive number of new ceratopsians. It seems as if each of the new species discovered and named are trying to outdo the other with each new one looking more exotic than the last.Names such as Medusaceratops, Diabloceratops, Regaliceratops and so on, all have that catchy ring to them that conures up exotic looks.As outlandish as these new ones are they still have a lot of catching up to do in the popularity department especially mainstream recognition.And when it comes to ceratopsians, two icons stand out over the rest both in popularity and recognition: Triceratops and Styracosaurus.

Review: Smilodon (Diego) (Mattel )

2.6 (7 votes)

Interview by Scrat, edited and photos by Bokisaurus

Hiiiiieee blog readers, Scrat here! Yes, I’m filling in for Bokisaurus! He begged me claiming he is suffering from writers block and needed a break. Before he left, he went on and on and on about me having to be on brand blah blah blah until I finally hit him in the head with my acorn to shut him up!

Review: Smilodon (RECUR)

4.3 (27 votes)

When I first became aware of the company called RECUR I was not sure what to make of them in terms of their collectible value. Scrolling down their prehistoric model list, one can see that they are definitely geared towards a much much younger age group.The designs are a mix bag and consists of mostly dinosaurs with a few prehistoric mammals thrown in the mix.In time, I became more curious about what these models look like in person, so I decided to purchase a couple of figures to see for myself, after all, its only fair to judge them when you actually have seen them with your own eyes in your hands.

Review: Torvosaurus (PNSO)

4.4 (38 votes)

When it comes to large predatory theropods, it’s hard to figure out what exactly makes some genus/species popular while others not so. It’s not just the size or the active predatory lifestyle that propel certain species into stardom, in fact there are many equally large and fearsome theropods that despite seemingly having all the star quality, somehow languish in obscurity.Take the subject of our review today, Torvosaurus, a large apex theropod predator that despite having it all, even a catchy and easy to remember name, still ranks as one of those “obscure” names, failed to garner fame outside of the paleo world.

Review: Tylosaurus (PNSO)

4.7 (38 votes)

The vast inland sea known as the Western Interior Seaway of the Late Cretaceous split the continent that we would come to know today as North America from north to south. As the landmasses on either side were ruled by dinosaurs and other terrestrial animals, this inland sea was ruled by huge marine reptiles.

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