Spinosaurus (2008 version)(Schleich)

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Review by ‘Cordylus (AKA geckofan)’ and Dinotoyblog, photographs by “Cordylus (AKA geckofan)

It seems as though Schleich has seen the latest attempts by companies such as Papo and Safari Ltd and are now trying to get away from retro-style dinosaurs and on to new, more modern versions. This is clearly evident in the new Schliech Spinosaurus, which can be considered one of the best spinosaurs out there (but really, how many are currently being made?).

spinosaurus schleich 2008

It is easy to be critical of this figure, but given the huge improvement over Schleich’s previous attempt at this species, together with the fragmentary nature of the fossil material, many of these points can be taken with a piece of salt. The head appears partially based on ‘Jurassic Park 3’, just look at the two crests before the eyes, Spinosaurus should only have one on the mid-line. The mouth is closed, and there are 39 visible teeth from the upper jaw. The nostrils are situated too far down the snout but overall the shape of the head is about right. The eyes are yellow with black pupils.

spinosaurus schleich 2008

As for the body, the neck might look better with more curve, but they probably based its straight neck on the spinosaur Baryonyx. There are no ribs visible and the arms and legs are muscled up, but not too much. The hands don’t look quite right; the fingers should maybe be a little shorter and a larger thumb claw should be present (like Baryonyx has). The arms are very long, perhaps a little too long – this may have been done on purpose because the right hand touches the floor supporting the figure and allowing the tail to be held high. The feet are a little too large and the claws are a brown-red. The body is also covered with beautiful brown crocodilian-like scutes, which gives it a ‘lizardy’ look. The sail has no scutes and is coloured red and yellow. The tail is really nothing special, it is just the same brown with some red along the top. This figure is massive, it is 13 1/2 inches long (about 34cm), which when scaled up to Schleich standard, would make is 45 feet long in life.

A very nice Spinosaurus figure that isn’t all that expensive either. This figure is available here for only $16.95. A worthy piece for any collection! 8.5/ 10 stars.

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  • As was pointed out in another Spinosaur figure review, 2014 discoveries have rendered this Spinosaurus figure as woefully outdated as the animal itself (though as pointed out here, these discoveries are still being hotly debated). As a rendition of the Jurassic Park 3 version of Spinosaurus, however, it still delivers. It’s also just an awesome presence on the shelf, regardless of its paleontological accuracy.

  • Remarkable how time changes so many perceptions. Schleich has traditional gotten so many things wrong with most of their theropods that we, from experience and gut reaction, tend to immediately write off these products.HOWEVER, in view of the recent discoveries that may well indicate that Spinosaurus’ four limbs were much closer in size to each other than is typical in theropods – amazingly enough, Schleich seems to have come closer to getting this aspect right than the Carnegie icon.

    • The arms of this figure are double the length they should be, which is why they end up being as long as the legs. Compared to the recent discoveries which suggest Spinosaurus’ legs were close in size to its arms, this figure’s arms AND legs are far too long! The 2009 Carnegie Spino at the least has arms that are the right size. The legs on this Schleich Spinosaurus and the 2009 Carnegie Spinosaurus look like the same size.

      • Don’t get too excited about that “recent discovery” which is flawed for several reasons. First, there is a “math” error in the size of the legs–they should be longer using the statistics given, making the creature described a dwarf. Secondly, it is a chimera, that is, it is made up from the remains of at least three separate (and presumably different sized animals) as well as “imagined” parts based on at least three other distinctly different spinosaurs. Hardly the last word on accuracy. More likely a dog&pony show for funding and relevance….

  • Is there a spinosaurous model, that I is larger than the largest trex From any Jurassic toy line? I’m also looking to create a herd of Brachiosaurus , papo is the closest thing I have seen to create one as of yet.

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  • I got this figure a few weeks ago and I love it! I don’t mind the slightly oversised arms. I’d rather have that than a bolt upright dinosaur using its tail as a prop, looking as if it’s jumped straight from a Charlton Heston film. It’s so great to hold aswell as it’s so chunky and heavy. It’s very satisfying and tactile. And the detailing is great, well worth the money. I also like the fact it isn’t trying to look all scary and ferocious. It’s just an animal being an animal, but without being boring and rigid looking.

  • need help finding a li’l brachiosaurus from JP Jr series. help?

  • If you like spinosaurs,then you will want to see this next Carnegie Collection dinosaur…

  • Great! I`ll get one, next week! Also got the new Al and I must say: This guy is great!

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