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Since its appearance in the JP Franchise as the ultimate antagonist of all the world’s most beloved dinosaur T. rex, Spinosaurus gained a certain popularity that at least made it appear in almost every dinosaur toyline that existed since. Most depictions were more or less oriented on the JP design and no wonder so, the scientific knowledge of the species was not backed by too much of fossil material and a design made after a successful franchise… what could possibly be wrong with it? So the number of Spinosaurus figures is legion but also very repetitive and in the special case of Schleich figures even bad – at least in the past.

When in 2014 new fossil material was discovered Spinosaurus got a makeover and luckily some toy brands joined in for the new design. First – I think – was CollectA which released three different figures in a single year, showing Spinosaurus as the odd relative of your common theropod that it probably was: Swimming and even quadrupedal. Scientists and paleoartist designed a good deal of reconstructions, bipedal, quadrupedal, belly crawling like a big croc. As of yet there’s still some debate and this will at least last until some more fossil material will be found that can tell us more about the hips and hind legs of this weirdo.

Now what does Schleich present for their 2019 interpretation of Spinosaurus? The short answer is, Schleich did outdo itself with this monster and so in a positive way. Schleich’s new Spino is an impressive 30 cm long in direct line from the tipped down tail to the tip of the snout. It brings the figure to a great comparision in size with the other dinosaurs of the line and right so, suggesting that Spinosaurus probably grew a fair deal longer than its counterpart T. rex. The figure stands 11.5 cm tall on the back of its sail and is made from a fairly rigid plastic that gives it quite some heft.

The overall body coloration is a black tiger striped brown, by far not as strinking as other figures, but I find it reasonable and natural. The underside is countershaded in plain white while the head is colored mainly in black with a dull dark red. The inside of the mouth is the same brown as the figure, only the tongue is bright red behind white teeth. And here’s the weak part of the figure. Probably for safety reasons the teeth are very blunted and the sloppy paint job for the teeth does not help to enhance the appearance here. Also some pink or such would have given the mouth a more natural look. In addition the yellow eyes with the black pupils remind me of Bullyland figures int his case.

Those things aside (that I will help with some exacto and paint once I have some time) the overall sculpt is just great. It may lack the finesse of most of Papo’s figures, but it still is very good and the overall pose is just striking as child’s toy aswell as a collector’s item. The figure stands firm as a rock with five points on ground. Both grabbing arms with their enlarged claws are tipped on the grounds aswell as the muscular tail and surely the absurdly short legs and feet (which are approriate if you accept certain reconstructions). This all enhances the impression of weight and a certain sluggishness that parts this new Spinosaurus from its former depictions as long legged, athletic theropod. This behemoth is a creeper with a long deadly snouth, articulated in this case.

Personally I like the tail of the figure. It is somewhat similar to a crocodile, but only with one row of scutes, and in this way subtle but nicely different from other figures. The tipped down end does not bother me at all but looks quite natural if you take in account how heavy and long this thick tail must have been on the real animal to counter the heft of the whole front. The sculpting is especailly nice on the legs and feet, probably the best on any Schleich dinosaur ever.

And here’s the real deal about the hefty tail and those legs…. despite the earthquake proven 5-point stand of the figure, this monstrosity can support and balance its full weight firmly on those two tiny feet. Whoever they got to sculpt this figure, it was not the one creating all those clown feeted theropods in the line.

What else is there to say….. as all of Schleich’s dinosaur figures (I think, correct me if I am wrong) this one lacks a cloaca and it is hard to tell if there are real ear openings intended as there’s the seam to join head and neck. The head is slightly shrink wrapped as is still common with most dinosaur toy producers, no matter what dinosaur figure. Other than that the figure is scientifically correct as far as the discussion goes which is nice to see, especially in a Schleich line up.

I am not a special fan of Spinosaurus figures but this one is a must have in my opinion. As a child I would have loved this figure for its size, the feel of the different textures, the articulated jaw , grabbing claws and that overall weirdness. As a collector I rate it very high for the subtle croc style of the tail, the superb detailing of the feet and the realistic impression this figure gives for the strange evolution and ecology of this theropod, 9/10.

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  • I have one of these and I bought it in My Kingdom 3 hours ago

  • This is an exciting release for sure, and to think Schleich of all companies would be behind it! I look forward to buying one and displaying it by Eofauna’s Giganotosaurus.

  • This is a great review and the toy/model is great. It’s nice to see that Schleich is making good theropods and that their Oviraptor and Young T. rex toys are no longer the best theropod toys they’ve made by default.

    I should point out something. While Spinosaurus was longer, T. rex was far more robust and overall larger. It’s like how the green anaconda, despite being not quite as long as the reticulated python, holds the record of being largest snake via it’s weight.

  • I never expected something like this to come out of modern Schleich. Nice review, I’m probably going to get this one.

  • I’ll definitely give Schleich their due with this figure, although it’s hard for me to look at the otherwise fine sculpt without it being ruined by the blunt, sloppily-painted teeth.

  • I don’t understand the five star rating? This sculpt looks similar in my view to Papo’s Amargasaurus in terms of detail and coloration, which is referred to as Papo’s lazy sculpt. Besides, how can this figure receive a perfect rating with such terrible teeth? I consider Schleich’s
    Best to be well below the other major dino makers, and this figure is no exception in my view.

    • I definitely rate Schleich well below CollectA and Safari, but I still credit where credit is due. This Spinosaurus is a definite improvement over the 2015 one.

  • Agreed, it’s a stunning coup by Schleich, executed by Vlad Konstantinov, it’s thought by some folk. The review catches the textural and substantive assets of the sculpt, a real delight to have in the hand. I took Tanystropheus’ advice and filed the teeth down, then cleaned up the overpaint and repainted the teeth themselves. First class model, really happy with the outcome. I too like the massiveness of the tail and the croc-like scutes. Very cool!

  • Good to have you back man! Excellent review – way to make a comeback (if only briefly for now?).
    Agree will all that you say here and co-incidentally just had one of these land on the doorstep two days ago. Never thought to stand it on something raised to check the balance (will do so now though) which provides a great demonstration in regard to the fact that it can do so. I believe that it was designed but a Russian Paleo Artist (whose name escapes me just now) so I only hope that he gets to design more of their future output. Yeah the mouth is the only letdown and I will also be taking some implement to those teeth to give them more ‘bite’. Liked the images of it in water too.

  • Fine review. Like them or loathe them, there’s no denying that Schleich has really improved over the years.

  • The best theropod made by the Schleich company in all its history my valuation is 10 out of 10. Exceptional figure that every collector that is interested in it should buy.

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