Stegosaurus (Playmobil)

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Another all-new animal in the 2013 Playmobil Dinos line is the famous Stegosaurus. This one is a mother whose eggs are about to hatch, but she’d better keep a close eye on that hungry crocodilian who lives nearby!


This version of the “roofed lizard” measures 23 cm long from nose to tail tip and stands just over 11 cm tall at the tip of its plates. It’s coloured pastel pink with a very pale underbelly, maroon spots, bright green eyes, beige beak and claws, and red for the distinctive plates and thagomizer.


In terms of accuracy, this simple toy actually rates fairly high. Granted, the head is too wide, but the posture is correct, the plates are properly aligned, and most impressively of all, this Stegosaurus actually has the right number of toes on each foot (five on front, three on rear).


The Stegosaurus‘ head can raise and lower and its limbs rotate at the shoulders and hips. The thagomizer and all but the first four plates are made of soft plastic for safety reasons.


The designers at Playmobil have blessing this Stegosaurus with three adorable newborn babies. Each little baby is orange in colour and features a sculpted mouth, eyes, and a teeny tiny single row of plates on its back. I guess they can only sculpt so much at that scale. There are also three large green-yellow eggs. Indeed, they look way too large for their mother to have laid, but we’ll overlook that nitpick. Each egg opens up on a hinge, allowing you to place a baby inside and then close up the egg. Needless to say, this is a fantastic play feature.


Also in this set is a generic crocodilian coloured reddish-purple with a bright green underbelly, pale yellow eyes, and yellow and green osteoderms. It measures 10 cm long and features an articulated mandible. The much-employed lizard mould serves as a couple of grey and red baby crocodilians. Finally, there is a translucent yellow dragonfly with purple and pale yellow wings.


The playset consists of a sandy nest surrounded by a diverse selection of colourful flowering plants and a large fern. The nest has shallow divots in it so that the eggs won’t roll around. There’s also a burrow for the crocodilian and her offspring to live in. Can’t imagine that mother Stegosaurus putting up with such close quarters.


This is yet another great set from Playmobil, one of their best. It should appeal to both boys and girls, so if you’re looking to introduce your child to the world of dinosaurs, try giving this a shot. Or buy it for yourself. 🙂

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  • The front feet should only have three ‘nails’ but other than that the accuracy overall is really impressive for what you would probably assume is a throwaway generic dinosaur line.

    • Five toes is fine, just to clarify. Only the inner three would have claws/nails/whatever. All archosaurs lack any sort of claw/nail on the outer two digits.

  • What a great looking set! All of the Playmobil dinos must look fantastic displayed together. I’ve always loved their detailed bases to give the figures a setting. It’s cool to see how even though these are simplified, they are still pretty accurate. Nice! 🙂

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