Stegosaurus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

There comes a time in almost all dinosaur toy lines when three species must be immortalized in plastic: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus, them being the most popular and well-known dinosaur species. With the exception of Triceratops, the Walking With Dinosaurs line is much the same, and I will be talking about one of these in this review: the Jurassic giant, Stegosaurus.


As an introduction to the species is most likely unnecessary due to the enormous fame of this animal, we’ll go straight to details. At 9.5” long and 4.4” at the highest plate, this is a large figure, although it fits well with the other dinosaurs in its line. It does suffer from the stoic pose that is an issue for this line, but that is due to it being based on the animation model used for the series, so you may be able to forgive it. The colour scheme is mainly lime green and beige, with a slightly pink underbelly, pale grey along its back, and red for the plates. While not identical to the colours used in the show (which featured more darker green, more jagged stripes down the back, and more prominent black on the plates), it is close enough to be acceptable.


Now for accuracy. As you can imagine, it’s pretty good here. The legs are the correct length, as is the tail, it has the correct number and arrangement of plates, and the general proportions of the body are correct, such as the thagomizer and small head. The only real inaccuracy I can see is that it has four toes on its hind legs rather than three, but that is all.


For Stegosaurus fans, Walking With . . . fans, or just dino lovers in general, this is a great figure and well worth having. It is durable enough for children to play with safely, so it can be enjoyed by them as well (if the collectors allow then anywhere near it!). It is one of the more common of the Walking With Dinosaurs figures, and can be fairly regularly found on eBay for a reasonable price. I highly recommend it, so happy hunting!


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