Steropodon (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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The Mesozoic saw the rise of the dinosaurs to dominance, as they were the largest and most successful animals around. But naturally, they weren’t the only creatures around, as this era saw the rise of birds and mammals. They were often small, especially during the Jurassic period, but they set the stage for their eventual take over once the dinosaurs bit the dust. Here, we look at one of the oldest of the monotremes, or egg laying mammals, Steropodon, from the Jurassic of Australia, so naturally, it was made by Yowie. Let’s take a closer look!

As with most Yowie models, this is a very small model, measuring 2.6″ long, 0.9″ wide and 0.9″ high, but this works for a mammal that was likely 40-50 cm long. It’s a mix of browns, which works quite well, a bit snazzier than the platypus, but not too far off. It is a pretty chilled, lying pose, but it adds a cuteness to the figure. There is a little movement to the figure, the head and tail moves up and down, but it doesn’t add a great deal to it.

Accuracy is a little tricky, as the only known fossil material is an opalised right mandible. Fortunately, you can tell a lot about a mammal from it’s teeth, and the presence of a mandibular canal suggests it did have a beak, akin to the modern platypus’, so using that to inspire the remainder of the body may not be an inaccurate suggestion. The beak is certainly right by that logic. My only detraction is I feel it’s a little too rounded, but it does add to the cuteness factor.

I adore this little cutey, and have no hesitance in recommending it. Mesozoic mammal models (urgh, alliteration!) are rare, and this is the only Steropodon model available, but even if it weren’t I’d still suggest picking it up. It is long discontinued, so second hand copies from sites like eBay or Dejankins are the best hunting grounds, but I highly recommend it if you find it. It’s worth having.

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