Therizinosaurus (2018 Repaint)(Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

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Review and photos by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs,’ edited by Suspsy.

As I wrote a review about a repainted figure in my last review for the DTB, I figured I would finish reviewing repainted figures instead of skipping to other ones. So here I am with the Schleich ‘Conquering the Earth’ 2018 repainted Therizinosaurus. As I said in my Acrocanthosaurus review, when reviewing a repainted figure, there is nothing to talk about except the new color scheme. So, once again, I will be brief here.

Many of us are familiar with the original orange and blue colored 2014 original sculpt, which is now retired. Apart from that one, other Therizinosaurus figures that Schleich has released include the 2015 small green one which was sold either individually or in a set with a small Triceratops figure, and the 2016 red version which came with a Dimorphodon or also individually. And finally, there is the juvenile figure that was released in the later half of 2018, and has almost the same color scheme as the new 2018 variant being reviewed today.

As I said, I will be very brief because the original 2014 figure has already been reviewed, along with its measurements, details, and how it rates in terms of scientific accuracy. We all know that it looks more like a monster than the real animal. It already looked like a monster, but this new 2018 color variant, with its red and black colors, increases further the devilish look of the figure.

The new color scheme includes paint applications of red on each side of the head and also for the feathers on both sides of the black-colored lower jaw and continuing till the neck. The tiny eyes are yellow with small black dots as the pupils, a reasonable white for the teeth, light pink for the inside of the mouth, black for the head and neck continuing till the upper part of the feathered body in form of splotches and ending on the tail, light grey for the naked underside of the body, black once again which appears to be airbrushed on the arms and thighs, red airbrushing on the knee area, red for the feathers on the tail, and finally, light grey for the long foreclaws and for the hind claws.

Well, that was my review of the 2018 Therizinosaurus by Schleich. It was released around the same time that Papo released its own gorgeous Therizinosaurus, which is definitely better than this devilish-looking monster. However, if you do not have the original 2014 sculpt like me or if you are a completist collector, you may want to get it. It is available wherever Schleich’s products are sold, or you may get it through online sellers like Amazon, where it is currently in stock. I will be back soon as always with more, take care and cheers! And here is a little bonus for you: my entire Schleich collection!

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  • Personnellement je touvre que therizinosaurus de schleich resenble plus a un animal qu’ un monstre il y a plusieurs caractéristique qui resemble plus au vraie animaux ou a selui de jurassique park si vous dite qu’ il resemble a un monstre comme godzilla vous avez tort

  • Sincerely it is an improvement the repainted therizinosaurus with respect to its predecessor but sincerely we need a reissued Schleich therizinosaurus.

    • I agree. I am honestly quite annoyed when each time, Schleich or Papo releases a repaint of a figure that they have already produced. I hope to see more new sculpts from both of them in the near future.

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