Therizinosaurus (Bullyland)

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Therizinosaurs were among the strangest dinosaurs ever, and I really like them very much. They were late Cretaceous theropods, yet herbovires, and their overall appearance is so strange and deviates from standard dinosaur scheme pretty much. Huge bellies, a beak and feathers make Therizinosaurs look like gigantic turkeys. Their lifestyle, however, probably resembled that of a panda or an also prehistoric ground sloth.

Their claws irritate and fascinate scientists and laymen, making them think about the purpose of such gigantic sickle claws. Today most scientists think the claws helped the animals extend their feeding radius. By using their claws like rakes, Therizinosaurs gathered huge amounts of plants to fill their clumsy bellies. Some illustrations show them sitting in dense woods, eating. In modern documentations they use their claws for defence or intimidation, too.

Therizinosaurs are no unusual choice of toy companies anymore. Chap Mei made one, Safari made one back in 1996 and just recently CollectA released their version.
In my opinion, all of those figures are really nice, and the Bullyland version is no exception. It is 12,4 cm tall and 24,5 cm long. The imprint says it’s a 1:30 scale.

A soft and light brown colour scheme with some white stripes for camouflage fits the sculpt quite well, and so does the painting of the head. Every detail is visible, eyes, nostrils, beak and the ears, which are a little too round. The figure looks as if it was smiling.

It stands on two legs, no matter how you bend the arms. It is well balanced and enables the owner to choose from different poses by moving the arms. This innovation is very cool and is a welcome change.

The figure looks quite fluffy and friendly and is a lightweight compared to some Schleich monoliths of the same size. Bullyland uses light and phthalate-free material.
Unfortunately, Bullyland does not only produce in Germany anymore, but also in China and other European countries. The Therizinosaurus was produced in Bosnia, where workers are cheaper.
For me, political correctness aside, the figure deserves 4,5 of 5 stars. Maybe the head is a little too big in relation to the body, but hey: We´re still in the toy section here.
If you like special Bullyland style and Therizinosaurs, you should not hesitate and get one quickly.

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  • The article is great libraraptor congratulate for your great review. It is perhaps one of the Therizinosaurus that I liked.

  • Este es un dinosaurio que me ha atraído desde siempre,quizá por su aspecto un tanto extraño.Sin embargo,considero que la reciente versión de Collecta es superior a ésta.

  • The head IS too big, but various other parts of its anatomy are wrong too; furthermore, it has FIVE toes on each foot! It’s nicely made, but a poor representation of the dinosaur.

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