Triceratops (Baby)(Papo)

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Review and photos by suspsy

Like their archenemies the tyrannosaurs, ceratopsids were probably devoted caregivers to their young. This year, Papo’s prehistoric assortment became a little larger with the addition of this adorable baby Triceratops.

Triceratops baby Papo

Like its parent, this baby was clearly inspired by the Jurassic Park series. The first film was originally slated to include a baby Triceratops, but the planned scene was cut during pre-production. Fortunately for the hard workers at Stan Winston Studios, the animatronic baby went on to have a brief appearance in Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Triceratops baby Papo

Cuteness is an essential evolutionary adaptation helping to ensure an infant’s survival, and this little munchkin has it in spades. The face is short and rounded with blunt little horns, a bumpy frill, and large dark eyes. The torso is chubby, the limbs are stumpy, and the tail is little more than a nub. The baby is mainly grey in colour, but salmon is used for its underbelly and along the edge of its frill. The horns, beak, and claws are light grey, the eyes are black, and the interior of the mouth is pink.

Triceratops baby Papo

The baby Triceratops is posed in a mirror image stance of its parent’s. As with nearly all Papo products, the sculpting and detail are nothing short of superb. The beak and horns have grooves in them, the edge of the frill is lined with tiny studs, and every square inch of skin is covered in scales and wrinkles. Even the roof of the mouth has detailing to it.

Triceratops baby Papo

One feature I don’t like is the dark scale pattern on the frill. To me, it just appears unnecessary and unattractive. The same goes for baby’s glossy finish.

Triceratops baby Papo

Overall, the baby Triceratops is a cute and fun addition to the Papo lineup. It’s also one of the more scientifically accurate dinosaurs the company has made this far. And it’s one of the least expensive. A cool toy for adults and children alike.

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