Tyrannosaurus (Larami)

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Larami released eleven ugly prehistoric animal vinyl figures in the 1990, most of which were bad copies of the good old Invicta classics. The own designs, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus and Ankylosaurus, were simply horrible and cannot really be recognized as a dinosaur in the case of the Ankylosaurus.

But let us concentrate on the T.rex who may have served as a blueprint for the Toy Story Rex because of its charming smile. This tail-dragging oddity is a little shorter than the original (23cm) but exactly as tall as Invicta Tyrannosaurus (nearly 12cm). The skin pattern is different: While Invicta Tyrannosaurus has bony plates running down the spine and the sides, the cheap copy reveals wrinkles and folds. The colour is a very ugly choice, some poisonous green with a little brighter belly. The fourth toe is very strange, it protrudes from the leg sideways and much too high, but okay, one can´t expect scientific standards here anyway.

As I said, it has got a charming, even excusing smile that seems to say “Sorry they copied an icon so badly, but please, please give me a chance!” Well, okay, I did, but only because I love Invictas and everything that has to do with them, so I had to have the copies as well. For all other collectors: Think twice before you add this one to your collection.

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