Velociraptor (IToy)

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Review and photographs by Ish Hernandez, edited by Suspsy

This is my first review, so I hope it goes well. After collecting dinosaur figures for years, I had recently been looking for a colour variation of the Papo Running T. rex on eBay when I came across this figure as a suggestion. Velociraptor by I-Toy, a company I had never heard of. After doing some research, I found out that this company is basically only in China and that I’d have to buy of their any figures as imports.


The box is beautifully made, right up there with Rebor, and the figure inside comes in a protective foam casing just like the Rebor statues. The box states I-Toy Velociraptor antirrhopus, which is odd since that usually describes the species known as Deinonychus. In fact, when you turn the box over, the information isn’t for Velociraptor, but for Deinonychus. It also gives a nice scale comparison of the model to a human.


The figure itself is based on the Jurassic Park 3 Velociraptor. It appears to be a female as it does not have the protofeathers that the males in the movie had. As this is a movie monster, the scientific accuracy is either missing or over-exaggerated, but it’s still a pretty cool figure. The Velociraptor‘s hands are in the wrong position just like in the movies. However, the figure itself is much like the Papo figure in that it is very well detailed and painted.


The colour is a greyish green with brown highlights and a light grey strip going from the head to the tail. The pictures don’t quite do it justice, but there are plenty of scales and details when looking close up. The head has a moveable lower jaw and the eyes are painted a wonderful blood red with a clear coat over them to give them a very shiny, wet look. There is also the prominent ridge above the snout like on the JP3 raptors that has been given a hint of red paint to make it pop. The mouth and teeth are well sculpted, but the feet are rather small for the figure. This because they were made to fit into the accompanying base.


You cannot stand the figure without the base due to the small feet. Without the base, the prominent large toe claw is clearly visible, however, when you put the feet into the base, the claws disappear into the feet, which diminishes the raptor’s appearance.


The base itself is extremely well done and detailed with plenty of spots that make it look like the figure is walking through a wet marsh.


All in all, it’s a very well made figure, kind of short on detail, but it doesn’t really detract from the figure as a whole. Fans of Jurassic Park would love to have this in their collection due to its fairly correct movie accuracy.


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  • […] new Ceratosaurus is the second figure they released, the first being a Jurassic Park-styled Velociraptor. While the overall presentation of this figure is reminiscent of Rebor’s recent Ceratosaurus […]

  • This figure looks almost identical to the male Velociraptor in Jurassic Park 3. The only thing I find stands out as being different is the figure doesn’t have those silly head feathers. The female Veociraptor in Jurassic Park 3 has a completely different colour scheme to this figure.

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