Brand: IToy

Review: Ceratosaurus (IToy)

4.5 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Paul Carter AKA Carnosaur, edited by Suspsy
I-Toy is a fairly new toy and model maker from China. They have been getting the attention of dinosaur collectors lately with their new Resurrection series.

This new Ceratosaurus is the second figure they released, the first being a Jurassic Park-styled Velociraptor.

Review: Paraceratherium (IToy)

5 (24 votes)

At the end of the Oligocene Climate change have made its presence known all across the globe. This change created chaos, turning once lush and fertile environment into dusty and windswept landscape. In this part of the world that would be known today as Mongolia, a mighty riven once meandered across the plains creating rich forest and lush savannah.

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