Yangchuanosaurus (Dinosaur King by Sega)

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When companies add dinosaurs to a franchise, be it a game, show or book, they often want to make them as bright and eye catching as possible so that people will buy the merchandise. This often ignores any colouring that may be what they actually looked like, as it would be too subdued. Here, however, we look at something that works a lot better: Yangchuanosaurus by Sega.

To the figure! As mentioned above, the colour scheme, matching the in game model. The mix of dark blue and light beige work well, and the red, which is a bit odd on the back, works well as a display on the crests. The figure has 5 points of articulation, both arms, both legs and a superfluous one in the tail. This is a decently sized figure, at 10.7″ long and 4.4″ high, fitting in well with larger lines.

To accuracy now. The length of the limbs and tail works well, with the shape of the skull being about the right skull. The sculpted teeth are done well (even if they are set into a block) and the feet are decently sized, not too large. The issues are that the neck is too short and the hands are pronated. Other than that, not bad.

This is a decent figure with a great colour scheme, though not without problems. mine seems to have warped feet, making it hard to stand. I still recommend it to those who want it. Best to search eBay, as the Sega Dinosaur King figures are becoming rarer. Happy hunting!

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