Yutyrannus (REBOR)

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Review and photos by Predasaurskillekor, edited by Suspsy

This is my very first review for the Dinosaur Toy Blog and I have chosen this model. The 2014 1/35 scale Yutyrannus huali is the first model created by the UK brand called REBOR. It is a very good and realistic model, and unfortunately, there are not many versions of this unique species (there is only this one, the Wild Safari, and the Kaiyodo one). REBOR gave their model the name “Y-REX.”


This model is very not big, but it’s not little either. It measures 27 cm long and is 10.5 cm tall (15 cm with the base). The skin of the Yutyrannus is of a colour similar to ochre with black stripes. The feathers are a dirty shade of blue, the feet and the hands are brown, and the claws are black. The muzzle is grey with yellow and red near the tip.


The Yutyrannus has the correct number of digits on its hands and the head features two small horns. But there’s a glaring scientific error: the feathers should cover almost the entire body, including the hind legs. This is one area where the other two Yutyrannus figures are much better. Still, it’s a very detailed model (like all the REBOR products), and REBOR does have some figures that are comparable to Safari, CollectA, or any other brand.


This kit also comes with an polystone base, which looks slightly cinnabar and represents the icy territory where this monster lived.


In addition, there is an information card, with the main facts, pictures of fossils, and size of Yutyrannus in relation to man. I think that is a great idea.


Not only the model, the base, and the card are beautiful, but the box has a fantastic illustration of the skeleton as well, and if you get any REBOR model, be sure to save the box.


Overall, this REBOR model is of a very good quality (although it made a mistake with the feathering). It’s not the best Yutyrannus on the market, but I do recommend it. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to acquire in continents other than Asia, America, or the UK.


Thanks for reading my review.

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  • […] edition models numbering about 1000 worldwide. After their first two non-limited edition models (Yutyrannus huali and the T. rex), they released their first hatchling, Jolly. In mid-2015, they released the […]

  • The Yutyrannus skeleton on the information card and box appears to be this Carcharodontosaurus skeleton slightly modified: http://dinosaurking.wikia.com/wiki/File:Carcharodontosaurus_skeleton.jpg

    It can also be seen that the skull of the skeleton on the information card and box doesn’t look like the Yutyrannus skull that’s also on the information card.

  • I do have to say that apart from the lack of feathering, this model is really, really good. Amazing detail and nice design. Just a bit of…a blunder.
    I’d get it if it weren’t out of my price range!

  • Personally, I couldn’t see the extent of the feathering very clearly. I was still wincing too hard at ‘Y-Rex’.

  • Let me defend Rebor for a moment (setting aside the behavior of their former representative on Dinotoyblog forum). My biggest case for Rebor is that they have generated excitement and interest outside of the dinosaur/prehistoric collecting community. I see Rebor reviewed on sites that rarely if ever review dinosaur figures. Like Papo, they’re a gateway to feathered dinosaurs for those who are initially mostly interested in JP-style figures. Such excitement can lead collectors to consider dinosaur figures by other companies which may be more accurate, and even to research the species itself or dinosaurs in general. All of these are good things.

    As for the Rebor Yutyrannus, the head sculpt appears to be quite accurate, and overall the figure is of high quality in both artistry and production. Those who want both high quality and scientific accuracy (in a non-desktop/kit model figure) have available the Safari Yutyrannus.

  • IS it going to be an issue with this community whenever a Review of a Highly Controversial Rebor Product gets posted? I do not want to see this to become a new flame war, and lets all be happy that the company themselves have not sicked there rabid fans on us like they did with the Ceratosaurus last year.

  • No idea why rebor dinos get always such a low rating in this webside, i got em all and they are awesome. I give a s— about 100% correct, if it looks like a realistic dino its fine for me. And the modell is awesome. Rebor is the perfect thing betwen PAPO and Sideshow.

  • Maybe it . . . has mange? Or it’s mom gave it a bad feathercut? Or it’s a mutant like those sphynx cats?

    • Mutants like that dont exist in the wild. plus If it had mange it would not be scaly underneath. It would be Smooth Skinned. Look up a photo of a featherless Chicken to see what i mean.

      Another Thing that Rebor tried to claim that did not hold any credibility WHATSOEVER is that this animal was Malting for the Summer. Thing is, no Feathered animal, is known to go through with this. and if it did, it would not be scaly during one part of the year, and feathered during another.

  • Guys Lets not jump dampen this guys spirits too much. It is his first review so he may not be aware of the history this figure has with our community.

  • Seriously, that review is way too positive considering how off this figure is. And the rating is probably manipulated.

  • I am a collector of the Rebor figures, but I have to admit that this figure lacks anatomical and scientific inaccuracies as members of the forum have already stated. On the other hand it is a very well finished figure and what fascinates me the most are the bases with which these figures are maintained.

    Like the keratosaurus of the same company without basis in my case it is impossible to keep them totally stable these two figures.

  • Have to say, it’s not just the fact that this is the equivalent of a Smilodon or a woolly mammoth without fur that ruins it for me. It’s the fact that REBOR knew full well that Yutyrannus possessed a full coat of feathers, but they deliberately ignored that fact because they prefer scaly movie monsters over real dinosaurs. Ugh.

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