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Tyrannosaurus Collection (Kaiyodo Capsule Q Museum)

4.5 (8 votes)
A few years back the Japanese manufacturer of kits and figurines known as Kaiyodo announced the release of their “Capsule Q Museum” series. The various collections that have been released cover everything from anime characters, animals, food and, thankfully, dinosaurs. This was great news because with the discontinuation of their Dinotales line we were all sorely missing the exquisitely made and highly accurate little dinosaurs and prehistoric animals necessary to own for any collector of prehistoric toys, kits and figurines.

Yutyrannus (Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

4.7 (88 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

Yutyrannus is both one of my favorite theropods and favorite dinosaurs in general these days. I still remember coming across an online news article about it back in early 2012 and being excited to see that they finally found a large feathered dinosaur.

Yutyrannus (PNSO)

4.5 (28 votes)

Feathered dinosaurs are truly awesome and I adore them all, whether they’re from somewhere in the Mesozoic or still alive in the present, probing for earthworms on my lawn, swimming in the pond at the park, flying high in the sky, and so on. And certain of these extant dinosaurs are, of course, quite yummy to eat, especially when they’re from Swiss Chalet or Mary Brown’s.

Yutyrannus (REBOR)

1.9 (14 votes)
Review and photos by Predasaurskillekor, edited by Suspsy
This is my very first review for the Dinosaur Toy Blog and I have chosen this model. The 2014 1/35 scale Yutyrannus huali is the first model created by the UK brand called REBOR. It is a very good and realistic model, and unfortunately, there are not many versions of this unique species (there is only this one, the Wild Safari, and the Kaiyodo one).

Yutyrannus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.5 (24 votes)
Review and photographs by Tallin, edited by Plesiosauria.
Approximately 125 million years ago, Northern China had a similar temperature to today – it was cold – at least by Mesozoic standards. Indeed, the Yixian Formation of China shows that the climate of this part of early Cretaceous China would have had an average temperature of only 10°C.
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