Zuniceratops (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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With the release of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian line, I wanted to look back at other attempts to recreate these marginocephalians. And who better to look at how not to do them then Geoworld. I have reviewed one of their Ceratopsians before, and was less than impressed. Can they do better with this one? This was the first attempt at the species Zuniceratops, a species found in New Mexico, which shows how the ceratopsians evolved from their early beginnings. Let’s see the how Geoworld did.

Let’s look at the figure. It has another of the odd Geoworld scale, this time 1:20. I still wish at least some figures had the same scale. It measures 6.4″ long, 3.7″ high and 2.7″ wide. The pose is a steady walk with it’s mouth open, perhaps eating, perhaps bellowing at a rival. The colours are actually more subdued, a mix of darker reds, browns and black, much better than other figures I could mention, perhaps a benefit of being part of the second expedition. I would normally bring up the fact card, but as this is part of the rerelease, the picture is based on the model and not stolen, so I do not see the need (plus, I can’t currently find it).

Accuracy is usually a sore point for Geoworld. This isn’t too terrible, getting the small, slim body down, along with the tail, the feet and wrist joints are also spot on, as is the neck. While the beak and teeth are fine, I do feel the horns are a touch long, and the frill is not rounded enough, but this is otherwise a decent model.

Geoworld rarely does good dinos, but this one is actually on the road to being one of the exceptions. A few nitpicks here and there, but otherwise a worthwhile pick (even if I am not entirely certain the paint scheme is there own). This and the new Beasts of the Mesozoic are the only available Zuniceratops and, while that one is better, this one is cheaper and easier to get. If you just want one for the collection and don’t want to spend to much, this one may just scratch that itch.

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  • Nice review. I’m interested in this one. You mentioned that it’s easy to find. Can you suggest where someone living in Canada may be able to buy this? It can be from anywhere in the world, so long as they ship here.

    thanks for any help.

    • Dinosaurs Collection have them (on sale too), plus Amazon, though largely on the UK site.

      • Is ‘Dinosaurs Collection’ and online store? I can’t find it.

        How new is this figure? Amazon Canada says they are currently unavailable……not sure if that’s because they are sold out or haven’t got them yet.

        • It was released in 2012, so I think it’s probably sold out. In the States, people were finding Geoworld figures at Costco up until a couple of years ago. If there’s one near you it might be worth a look, although toy offerings there aren’t very consistent.

          • thanks for the link, Indohyus. Greatly appreciated. I’ve never heard of this company before, but they are in the same city I live. We’re in lockdown right now so i’ll order online. Super.

            I recognize that the Beasts of the Mesozoic Zuni will be better but i’m a weirdo, in that I collect all my animal figures to the same scale (1/18). The BoM Zuni is too big, despite being advertised as 1/18. The quoted dimensions for it make it closer to 1/15.

            So, while the Geoworld Zuni isn’t a great figure, it’s not bad and very close to 1/18. I’m used to modifying my figures (with sculpy) and repainting, so I should be able to spruce it up a bit.

            thanks again for the link!

  • Nice to see a new genus debut on the blog, but it’ll be even nicer when somebody reviews the BotM Zuniceratops. Mattel also apparently has one in store for 2021.

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