Brontosaurus (Inpro)

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Inpro Brontosaurus is a classic figure representing an iconic dinosaur, Brontosaurus. Back in 1972, English company Inpro produced a line of Prehistoric toys, among others amazingly including one of the rare representations of Heterodontosaurus as a figure. More information is available here .


Inpro Brontosaurus is 7,5 cm high and 13 cm long from the tip of its tail to the bend of its neck. Its colour is grey at the flanks, yellow at the belly and green at the ridge of the neck, the back and the tail. Of course it is not scientifically correct, but keep in mind it is 43 years old an represents a period in which dinosaurs were regarded as dim-witted, sluggish beasts. The head is completely wrong, with the eyes sticking out, the head being much too big and the hind feet seeming crookedly bent, not to mention the tail being dragged.

This figure is probably based upon Rudolph Zallinger´s paintings, which are still very popular today, albeit or because being hopelessly obsolete.

And this is exactly the reason why I like this figure that much. In times of scientists approximating the real look of dinosaurs more precisely than ever, I recommend it to everyone who is not interested in accuracy but in nostalgia, for both the “old” dinosaurs themselves and their historical representations as figures. Plus, it looks really funny, with a cute face, a little like Kermit the frog.


This figure stands in one row with good old Linde, Marx or Starlux Brontosaurus. I was told this figure is highly sought after, but try your luck on ebay or car boot sales.

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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  • Such a beautiful sculpt! …would this be the ‘manerist’ phase of dino sculpts? 😀 The skin folds are even reminiscent of drapery folds in a painting.

  • Love the review Libraraptor and agree with Manuel above. The Inpros were great little figures back in the 70s and this was the “Big Mama” of them. When I started re-collecting them as a grown up this was the last one I got, so a bit of a grail figure to me. The others are easier to get hold of and often reasonably priced, so nice collectibles..

  • I remember as a child what times!

    It was the black era of the dinosaurs where they had almost no brain like beasts, slow and clumsy. How has changed the world of paleontology from the 70s until now.

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