Ceratopsian Dinosaur/Serendipaceratops (Lost Kingdoms Series B by Yowie)

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A lot of fossil species are erected by the slimmest of evidence, be it a toe bone, vertebrae or something else. This can make it very hard to discern where they fit into the scheme of life. This review’s subject, Serendipaceratops, is such an example, known only from a single leg bone, the ulna specifically. It’s similarity to Leptoceratops led it to being placed in ceratopsians, but this is odd as ceratopsians aren’t known from the southern hemisphere. This has led to a couple of figures made of it. Here, we see one by Yowie.

First, the figure itself. It is very small, measuring 2.9″ long, 1.2″ high and 0.7″ wide, an appropriately small figure for the species. It is alert, as if checking the environment for potential predators. The head and tail have a little wiggle to them, giving it a little posability. The overall yellow with green stripes and red dots is a bit garish, but in a tropical forest could work quite well with this colour scheme, good to hide in tropical jungle.

Accuracy is unfeasibly hard to gauge, owing to the lack of material to work with. Modern research suggest it is, in fact, not a ceratopsian, more likely an ornithopod, which makes sense as they are more common in Dinosaur Cove. The only thing to really say is that the hands shouldn’t be pronated, but then most the animal is likely wrong.

Overall, this is a nice little figure, but not one I can actively recommend, as it is likely to be proven wrong with new discoveries. It is a good look at how far you can go with a tiny scrap of evidence, but how far they can go wrong. Get it if you like it or retro dinos, otherwise skip.

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