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Review: Ceratopsian Dinosaur/Serendipaceratops (Lost Kingdoms Series B by Yowie)

3.5 (4 votes)

A lot of fossil species are erected by the slimmest of evidence, be it a toe bone, vertebrae or something else. This can make it very hard to discern where they fit into the scheme of life. This review’s subject, Serendipaceratops, is such an example, known only from a single leg bone, the ulna specifically.

Review: Serendipaceratops (Science and Nature Pty Ltd.)

3.8 (5 votes)

Review and images by Aldon Spencer, edited by Suspsy

What Australian dinosaur has something in common with Horace Walpole and Arthur C. Clarke? The answer is Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei. This dubious dinosaur is based upon a single ulna discovered by Tom Rich and Patricia Vickers-Rich in 1993 while digging at Dinosaur Cove, an Early Cretaceous sediment belonging to the Wonthaggi formation near Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia.

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