Coelophysis (MIXVS MINIMAX)

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Time has come to introduce you to another gorgeous (and gory) model by our forum member MIXVS MINIMAX, the all time favorite Triassic theropod Coelophysis. As with all of the models in this line, the figures are scaled to 1:72, rendering this comparably small dinosaur a tiny gem that could fit onto a stamp.

I’ll spare you the details of the discovery and other facts about Coelophysis, those interested can read through the nice wikipedia article. Coelophysis was a coeval of a rich variety fauna that – like Coelophysis itself – also just rarely find their way to the toy or model world. In this case, the main actor of the diorama is shown with Placerias, a herbivorous dicynodont.

MIXVS MINIMAX’s Coelophysis measures 3 cm along the spine and stands 1 cm tall in it’s haunched stance. The whole mini diorama is just short of 3 cm in diameter. The model requires some assembly and because of the tininess and fragility of some parts, one should take some time to complete the taks. As you can see in the very enlarged photos, my own assembly is not totally perfect aswell, with several seams not cut off or abraded completly, but with the naked eye this is not visible and I did not dare to cut any deeper in fear for creating new gashes or edges. However, I am satisfied with the result and one does not need to be a professional model assembler to manage this challenge, just a steady hand, some patience and sharp tools.

The Coelophysis model is in fact a mini diorama with the carnivorous theropod feeding on the carcass of a way more massive Placerias. From the looks of it the Placerias was not killed by the stem dinosaur but rather fell victim to hunger and thirst. The dried out river or lake bed emphasizes this view and the wiry Coelophysis scrapes out the eyeball of the Placerias to munch on it. As the model comes unpainted, one can choose the coloration freely. In terms of accuracy there’s nothing really to moan, MIXVS MINIMAX did an impressive work that can only be appreciated with a magnifying glass. Each toe and finger is sculpted, aswell as eyes, nasal and ear openings. The proportions are correct and so is the scale (the real counterpart of this Coelophysis would measure 2.16 metres). Unlike Safari’s Coelophysis this one is not decked in feathers, however on this scale such surface texture would be near impossible to render on such a small model and could rather be carried out with a textured paint job if one likes to do so. The bloody content may not be in everyone’s favor, but I like the model and appreciate its spartanic and natural apperance.

Highly recommend for all scale enthusiasts (MIXVS MINIMAX offers a comparably big variety of dinosaurs) and model makers seeking for a challenge.



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