Brand: Mixvs Minimax

Review: Coelophysis (MIXVS MINIMAX)

3.5 (4 votes)

Time has come to introduce you to another gorgeous (and gory) model by our forum member MIXVS MINIMAX, the all time favorite Triassic theropod Coelophysis. As with all of the models in this line, the figures are scaled to 1:72, rendering this comparably small dinosaur a tiny gem that could fit onto a stamp.

Review: Mononykus (MIXVS MINIMAX)

3 (2 votes)
More and more species of dinosaurs are discovered almost weekly and that pace easily outruns the capacity for toy companies to release new figures. That’s however not the only reason why some species probably will never find their way into kid’s rooms or even collectors’ shelves. Some if not most of them are simply not as awe inspiring or mighty as others.

Review: Velociraptor & Protoceratops (MIXVS MINIMAX)

5 (4 votes)

Time for another journey to the world of true minatures, and smaller they rarely get. German forum member MIXVS MINIMAX currently works on his interpretation of Giraffatitan, here however I want to introduce you to two of his smaller creations. The Velociraptor and Protoceratops regarded here are not two pieces in one set but are sold seperately.

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