Entelodont (AAA)

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Admittedly, there were lovelier animals to have walked the earth in prehistoric times than entelodonts, omnivorous beasts that were two metres tall and four metres long. Entelodonts were especially abundant in what are now Mongolia, China and Northern America and strolled through the landscape searching for any kind of food in the Eocene epoch – mainly probably carrion.
Entelodonts became quite famous after they were shown in “Walking With Dinosaurs” sequel “Walking With Beasts”. They were early hoofed animals, related to pigs and grew to massive size, weighing about one ton.

As figures entelodonts are exotics – there are not that many companies or people that had sculpted one. Sean Cooper, Amazon miniatures and Silver Dolphin made Entelodonts, but on the mainstream toy figure market the two AAA figures are the only ones, as far as I know.
And they are well done. Compared to the rough and sandbox – style dinosaurs by AAA their Entelodonts are very surprising.

AAA made their Entelodonts in two scales – this one being the smaller and massive one. The other one is about twice the size and hollow.
Obviously, the sculptor´s model was the “Walking With Beast” – performer. The white belly, grey back and brightly red (maybe for sexual display or for displaying an aggressive mood) forehead, the high shoulder hump, the aggressive overall look – all seems to be directly taken directly from the successful TV program.

I really like the details of the figure, especially at the head. The very small teeth, the quite narrow and yet probably very powerful snout, the outgrowth at the side of the skull, the nasty eyes – everything has been considered. No wonder these animals are sometimes called “killer pigs” – I would not want to encounter one of these prehistoric boars. By the way – this one is a male. Those of you who already own the figure can undoubtedly proof that.

All the others will be able to when they have the figure – it´s worth having and an exotic, yet affordable contribution to every collection.

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  • Aunque no deja de ser una copia de la serie “Walking with Beast” de la BBC es una pequeña obra que llena un hueco sobre los entelodontes y mamíferos prehistóricos, de la que se hayan ayunos las principales fábricas de juguetes de dinosaurios y animales prehistóricos.

    • A bad translation:
      Although it is still a copy of the series “Walking with Beast” of the BBC is a small work that fills a gap on the prehistoric entelodonts and mammals, which have been fasts the main factories of toys of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

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