Giant Wonambi (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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I love picking up rare species on the toy market, especially where they are part of groups that are rarely made. As mentioned previously, snakes are incredibly rare on the toy shelves, likely because they don’t vary too much so don’t sell well. Thankfully, Yowie comes in to the rescue, giving us the Giant Wonambi, a constrictor from the Pleistocene of Australia, the first fossil snake found in Australia. Let’s take a closer look!

The figure sports a nice semi-coiled pose, looking ready to strike at it’s prey, very effective for a snake. The main colours are beige and dark green, perfect camouflage colours, with orange dots adding to this. The purple stripes are an odd choice, but hey, kids will go for these brighter colours. The figure measures 3″ long and 1.5″ wide, which may not sound “giant”, but given a full stretched out version would be 7.6″ long, it’s not bad and fitting for smaller lines.

Now comes accuracy! Snakes are hard to get wrong, and this is true here. It could be a little thicker in the body, but this is otherwise good. Not sure if the head is 100% accurate, but it’s close as can be. Not bad at all.

As I said, snakes are incredibly hard to find in the toy market, so getting one is amazing, especially one that is amongst the largest snakes that ever lived. It is also the only example of this species available, so not like there is a lot of options to get your hands on it. It is long discontinued, so eBay is your best shot at it, and I recommend you at least give it a thought.

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