Keratocephalus (DinoWaurs Survival by One2Play)

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Review and photos by Angel Vega (paleoteen13), edited by Suspsy

When it comes to synapsids, Dimetrodon is the animal that make its appearance in toy form the most. Many figures of this animal have been appeared over the years, but other few synapsids have been produced by toy companies. Keratocephalus is one of those animals, and it has so far only made a single appearance in toy form, by none other than DinoWaurs Survival.

Background Information: So, what exactly is Keratocephalus, you may ask? It is a genus dinocephalian that lived in South Africa during the Capitanian age of the Permian period. Its name means “horned head.” The most interesting thing about this synapsid is that the known specimens show a range of variation, which has led to speculation that there are differences in males and females, or there may be more than one species.

About the toy: Since this figure came from a blind bag, it is therefore small. It measures about 5.5 cm (approximately 2.2″) long and 3 cm (approximately 1.2″) high, making it around the size of other figures in small toy lines. The coloration is gray with pink in the mouth and some outlines for wrinkles in the skin. The eyes are protected by a circle of scutes. The pose is neutral and is quadrupedal, which makes sense given that it is a synapsid that walked on all fours. 

Accuracy: Looking at this figure, One2Play (the manufacturer of the DinoWaurs Survival line) have rendered it accurately. The skull is correctly depicted with a blunt horn on the forehead. The tail is around the right length. And the body, although it is stylized with wrinkles, has the right proportions.

Ironically, this is the only animal part of the DinoWaurs Survival toy line that lived in the Paleozoic era. It is also one of the few Paleozoic figures that isn’t Dimetrodon, Dunkleosteus, or Anomalocaris. I therefore recommend it to anyone who collects toys of synapsids. The detail is awesome, the accuracy is great, and it doesn’t cost much. This figure comes from a blind bag, therefore your best options for this figure are eBay and Dejankins. Until next time.

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