Maiasaura (Boston Museum of Science Collection by Battat)

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Review by Emperordinobot, edited by Dinotoyblog

The Battat Maiasaura is certainly one of the better replicas of this genus, next to the newest Carnegie Maiasaura. It’s accurate down to the crest above the eyes, and there probably won’t be a better one for the time being.

It’s a simple mold, with excellent detailing of its skin, with a nice color choice of dark burgundy, and some yellow/orange running down its back. One of his better features is that, like all Battat, they are in scale with the Carnegie dinosaurs, and this Maiasaura’s length is the same as both Carnegie Maiasaura so he can be welcomed into the herd quite easily. My only complaint is some of the coloring pattern. There’s a hideous yellow wavy line on both sides of the tail, and it looks quite strange. Another complaint is that he can’t stand well as it's legs are bent a bit, so he will need support or it’ll fall to its side, but that may just be mine.

The Battat Maiasaura is not that rare and can still be found on Ebay. It is definitely a worthwhile addition to any dinosaur collection, and for those hadrosaur lovers, this is a must.

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