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Review: Brachylophosaurus (Jasman)

3.6 (10 votes)
As promised, or should I say threatened, we’re continuing on with my series of Jasman toy reviews. This time we’re looking at a curious little fellow, it’s an ornithopod of sorts, but one of questionable identity. Apparently this figure has been advertised as Maiasaura, Brachylophosaurus, and Iguanodon.

Review: Maiasaura “Lil’ Hadro” (Dinotopia by Accent International)

4.8 (8 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

We return to the land apart from time to review the second Dinotopia plush released by Accent International in 1993, “Lil’ Hadro.” This is certainly an odd choice by Accent, as no character named “Lil’ Hadro” appears in any of the books.

Review: Maiasaura (Boston Museum of Science Collection by Battat)

4.9 (17 votes)
Review by Emperordinobot, edited by Dinotoyblog
The Battat Maiasaura is certainly one of the better replicas of this genus, next to the newest Carnegie Maiasaura. It’s accurate down to the crest above the eyes, and there probably won’t be a better one for the time being.

Review: Maiasaura (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.6 (14 votes)
The discovery and description of fossil hadrosaur nesting grounds in the Cretaceous of North America provided some of the best evidence for parental care in dinosaurs. The association of fossils at the so-called ‘egg mountain’ site in Montana included eggs, babies and adults of a single species of dinosaur; crushed egg shells indicated that the babies spent time in the nest after hatching and were probably looked after by adults of the same species.

Review: Maiasaura (Kaiyodo Dinoland Natural History)

4.6 (7 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

Part 3 of Kaiyodo Dinoland Natural History review series

The state of Montana today is one of the most scenic and picturesque states in the Unites States. It is also one of the riches in fossils of prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs.If you drive around the many lonely and winding roads, you have a feeling that you just stepped backed in time.

Review: Maiasaura (original sculpt) (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.9 (10 votes)
The Late Cretaceous hadrosaur Maiasaura has become famous for being the first large dinosaur to be discovered alongside direct evidence that it cared for its young. Fossil nests associated with this dinosaur show that young dinosaurs stayed in the nest well after hatching. First discovered in Montana and described by Jack Horner, its name means “good mother lizard”.
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