Monoclonius crassus/Juvenile Centrosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

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Dino riders was a major line for many, and has influenced pop culture and other dino lines. And with the Kickstater for David Silva’s Beasts of the Mesozoic, the exclusive brings this back with this homage to the classic line: Monoclonius.

As with the raptor series, this features amazing articulation, 19 points in total, making posing a breeze. It is in the 1:18 line, still quite large, given this is a juvenile, measuring 10.4″ long, 4.3″ high and 2.5″ wide. This does mean that if you have figures in that range, you can have modern Dino Riders.

This won’t end well
Told ya. Bye Vic!

On the subject of the old figure, how do they measure up? The colour scheme matches, from the dark brown back, to the turquoise legs and teal blue on other parts of the body. It’s a lot more stylised, but I like that, it works really well. You can certainly see the changes in production, model making and painting, along with the greater amount of knowledge we have about prehistoric creatures.

“Mush!!” “Alright, but it’s my go next!”

Now to accuracy. The name Monoclonius is now a Nomen Dubium, so this figure is based on what the fossils were actually based on, a juvenile Centrosaurus. The excellent sculpt is based on extensive analysis of the fossil, resulting in this brilliant and accurate figure, from the skull shape, sculpted teeth and on point body. Nothing to criticise.

Creative Beast Studios’ second dino line is another brilliant line, with this typifying why they are so good, listening to fans and bringing out fantastic models. As this is a Kickstarter exclusive, getting your hands on it is tricky. If you just want the sculpt, they will be bringing out the same mould but in a different paint scheme, being based on a modern animal like the others in the line. If you want this specific model, eBay will be the best, but can imagine the after market prices are going to be huge. Well worth finding either version though.

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  • This figure looks so good, they really put so much effort into the paint details. I wished the brown Centrosaurus had same wash on the horns as well. Also wish the large Centrosaurus has the same paint app for the beak/horns as this one

  • BoTM’s ceraptósidos are figures totally for collectors, although they have articulated body parts sincerely they are more for collectors than for children as I have already indicated before sincerely it is the best articulated figure of that great monoclonius ceraptóside.

  • An interesting series with a lot of great subjects coming out over the next couple of years; and I love that they are made to 1/18 scale (however, some aren’t accurate to this scale, the Zuniceratops for example, which is too big and is more like 1/15 scale).

    But I’m not at all fussy about the wild paint schemes that have been chosen for all subjects as, in my opinion, they are highly unrealistic. Colourful, but unrealistic.

    And I wish they had done less articulation….it’s too much. Did they really need the mid-torso joint? It ruins the lines of the body.

    Having said that, i’ll probably be getting most of the 1/18 subjects in the series (and repainting them).

  • That box art is soooo 80`s … great 😀

    While I personally do not like those parrot colors, the figure sure looks like a great toy.

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