Parasaurolophus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Photographs and review by Indohyus
Hadrosaurs are certainly an intriguing family of dinosaurs. A diverse range of animals evolved over several million years, including the largest non-sauropod herbivore ever known, Shantungosaurus. One of the most interesting features of certain species are the head crests, which allow them to stand out from other ornithopods, especially today’s review subject; Parasaurolophus, once more from the DinoWaurs Survival line. Based on the shape of the crest, I would suggest it is walkeri.
As with all the DinoWaurs figures, this is a small figure, at 2.8” long and 1” high, so could work as a youngster, if a little lacking in paedomorphic features. Greenish brown all over colour, aside from the airbrushed wrinkles, really makes them pop, and the all over colour is good for an herbivore. The pose is placid, just walking along lazily. Works in its favour.
Onto accuracy. Generally, it’s not too bad, the body shape is generally alright, bulky in the right places. The length of the limbs is right, with the front limbs being short, as to suggest the ability to take a bipedal stance. The head is ok, is a little shrink wrapped, and the tail a tad long and thick. The main issue is the neck’s positioning, which is far too low on the body, looking rather unnatural. The two humps on the back are an odd choice, but artistic licence more than anything.
This is a bit of an oddity, looks wise, but it isn’t too bad, all things considered. As a blind bag figure, it can be harder to find, but DeJankins has some. Otherwise, eBay is the best option. Happy hunting.

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