Utahraptor (AAA)

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Okay, let´s take a closer look at AAA Utahraptor today. After a long break, welcome to another Libraraptor review of a quirky figure!

By now, Utahraptor is a well known genus belonging to the group of Dromaeosaurs. Its size of seven meters in length makes it the biggest of the tribe. Many companies, for example Schleich and CollectA, have released Utahraptor figures, mostly average attempts. The best Utahraptor toy out there is still the Walking With Dinosaurs Utahraptor. Some favour the Battat release. This AAA figure does not even come close to any of them.

AAA is a company that, among decent figures of recent animals  releases  figures of prehistoric animals of mostly average quality. Their best dinosaur seems to be the Gallimimus. Surprisingly, they did an outstanding Entelodont and a stunning Hyaenodon, too.

But most of their figures are rather resembling Chinasaurs than keeping up with Bullyland or Schleich, much less Papo or CollectA. The material they are made of rather feels cheap; the shapes are sloppy and without any detail.

The figure they sell us as Utahraptor is 25,5 cm long and stands 12,5 cm tall. It stands firmly on two legs, holding its balance surprisingly well. The colour is a mix of yellow and tan with black stripes, giving it a wild tiger look.

The face is completely black, which is a bad choice in my opinion. The teeth are sloppily sculpted and painted white. Nostrils (!) and eyes are dark red.  The skin pattern is smooth with bumps, not really detailed. The bright red back of the head stands out and is probably meant to be a feathered headdress. Is it a male in his courtship?

The crests make this animal look more like a Dilophosaurus or a Zupaysaurus than like a Utahraptor. The hands are halfway pronated.

AAA Utahraptor is rather a robust sandbox toy than a serious collector´s item, unless you are a completist.

Last but not least: Honestly, this  isn´t a Utahraptor at all, since it is lacking the raised toe claw and wears those aforesaid  very irritating headcrests. With these headcrests, the figure resembles the messenger of the Gods, Hermes, whose helmet had wings at its sides.

These figures are still quite common and easy to get. So, if you´re into average theropods halfway between a cheap Chinasaur and decent Bullyland style, this may be a figure for you.

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