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Review: Dinosaur Excavation no. 7 (Capsule MiniQ Museum by Kaiyodo)

4.6 (17 votes)

This set of reissued figurines offers an updated, good-quality variety of animals for collectors who might have missed earlier releases.

Kaiyodo’s miniature dinosaur lines might be among the very best in the market, even with more and more high-end companies entering the scene in recent years. It’s a shame that acquiring Kaiyodo’s figurines hasn’t gotten any easier for collectors outside of Japan – especially in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, and the ensuing shipping bottlenecks which have only made imported goods all the more expensive.

Review: Dinosaur Set with Cave (Schleich)

4.3 (12 votes)
Hidden by vines streaming down the rock face, there can be found multiple  fractures in the otherwise solid rock face.  One opening was wide, big, and served as entrance to the cave. There was also a small hole further up on the wall that could let in a dim beam of light during the mid afternoon sun.

Review: Discover Dinosaurs: Dino Cretaceous Vol. 1 by Colorata

3.4 (13 votes)
Colorata’s first dinosaur set doesn’t hold up perfectly to modern science, but overall these are nicely made figures good for both play and display.
There seem to be regrettably few quality dinosaur playsets on the market these days, be it for adult collectors or kids. However, the number is not zero.

Review: Jurassic World Dominion Minis part 2 (Jurassic World by Mattel)

3.9 (14 votes)

Well, I’ve shown you the worst of this line, let’s waste no time and get straight on to the best of them!

Starting off the top half is everyone’s favourite three horned herbivore Triceratops. This features one of the best poses of the lot (something I haven’t talked at length about as most the figures are in a generic standing pose), an aggressive fight pose, all the better when you have two to joust with.

Review: Prehistoric Tube B (CollectA)

3.9 (14 votes)
Time again to downsize with CollectA’s second tube collection. Like the previous set I reviewed, this one came out in late 2015 and contains no fewer than ten teeny toy dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters, a couple of them making their debut with CollectA.

First up is a bantam Amargasaurus, based on the Deluxe version.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (1990 Repaint by Tyco)

4 (5 votes)

Review and photos by Funk, edited by Suspsy

By now, most of Tyco’s classic Dino-Riders figures have been reviewed here, with a few notable absences, such as some of the Ice Age creatures. Another notable toy that was not covered up until now is the Series 3 Rulon Quetzalcoatlus, which, though just a repaint of the Series 1 Valorian Quetzalcoatlus, was radically different from its predecessor and most other toys of the line due to its vibrant colouration and unique armour and rider.

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Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

2.7 (9 votes)
Last time I had a stab at reviewing a Carnegie Collection pterosaur (the Pteranodon), I didn’t have much nice to say about its aesthetic appearance. One might say I was downright rude. Bearing in mind that the Pteranodon was an early release, it would be fair for us to expect some significant improvements by the mid-nineties when the next Carnegie pterosaur was released.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Field Museum & Mold-A-Rama)

4.5 (12 votes)

Nearly 60 years after Mold-A-Rama imprinted itself as an icon of American toy memorabilia, The Field Museum of Chicago collaborated with Mold-A-Rama to produce a brand-new prehistoric creature in classic plastic form.

Mold-A-Rama figures have been an icon of dinosaur toy collecting for decades. Originally conceived in the 1950s by Tike Miller for personal use, the first official molding machines were revealed to the world at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair by Automatic Retailers of America.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Field Museum plush, Wild Republic)

4.4 (28 votes)

It’s rare for me to audibly gasp from surprise, but that was exactly how I reacted in 2019 when I rounded the corner to the Chicago Field Museum’s “Evolving Planet” exhibit, and came face-to-face with the colossus now standing guard outside the exhibit entrance. When preparation began for installing Maximo the Patagotitan in the Field’s main hall, while Sue the T.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (GR Toys by Haolonggood)

3.9 (22 votes)

Overall this appears to be a fine representation of Quetzalcoatlus in many details, but when it comes to some of this animal’s most integral and challenging features the figurine actually falls short.

Having grown up familiar with the titanic pterosaur being featured in books and television programs, it’s sometimes surprising for me to remember that Quetzalcoatlus is a relatively recent discovery in the history of paleontology.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Jurassic World: Dominion, Massive Action by Mattel)

4.2 (17 votes)

When the prologue (and later, trailer) for Jurassic World: Dominion dropped, it was met with a lot of grievances from our community. To be fair, there was a lot to gripe about, from anachronistic animals mingling together, to the sloppy anatomy typical of the franchise.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Jurassic World: Mega Dual Attack by Mattel)

3.1 (107 votes)

Although Quetzalcoatlus finally made its onscreen debut in 2022 courtesy of Jurassic World: Dominion, longtime collectors know full well that Kenner released a toy of the colossal azdharchid all the way back in 1994, which has still not yet been reviewed for the blog (although you can get a fairly good idea of what it was like from my review of the Lost World Pteranodon).

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Papo)

4.1 (19 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

In what will one day be known as the Southern United States, vast herds of dinosaurs once roamed this desolate and hauntingly beautiful landscape.Large and small dinosaurs dotted the landscape, some moving in large herd while others like the huge sauropod Alamosaurus tower over them as they slowly make their way across the plains.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Recur)

4.1 (26 votes)
Our understanding of pterosaur terrestrial locomotion has come quite a long way over the decades. Paleontologists in the mid-20th century argued that pterosaurs were almost helpless on the ground, dragging themselves slowly and vulnerably on their bellies. In the 1980s’, it was surmised that they were capable of running swiftly on their hind legs.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4 (6 votes)

Time will tell if some of Araki’s artistic license proves true, but there are still definite issues with the design which may turn off more serious-minded collectors.

While long-established companies like Safari Ltd. and Schleich have been going steady, and rising stars like Rebor and PNSO have been conquering the collecting market worldwide, Japanese companies like Favorite have been tending to their own corner of the scene.

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