Anomalocaris (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

Imagine the weirdest alien you can think of. Give it as many tentacles, eyes, and other appendages as you like, but chances are they still aren’t as strange as anything from the Ediacaran or Cambrian Period, especially the latter. The Cambrian Explosion created some of the weirdest creatures imaginable, including this review’s topic: Anomalocaris, an anomalocarid arthropod predator found throughout the world from Canada to Australia and from Utah to China. This figure by Favorite appears to represent the largest member of this genus, A. canadensis.

Onto details. At 6.4” long and 1.3” high (from tip of appendages to the top of the eye stalks), it is on the larger size, especially compared to other figures of Anomalocaris, appropriate for one of the largest animals of the time (a length of one metre was considered big back then). The pose is simple, but works well. The animal appears to be swooping up, perhaps surprising its prey. The colour scheme also works well, with the mix of gold, pink, and black complementing each other in an odd way. Favorite made several mini-versions of this mould in a variety of paint schemes, so if this doesn’t work for you, there are alternatives. To make it easier to pose, this figure comes with a stand (1.8” high, 2” wide) shaped as rocks. While it works well, it leaves a large hole towards the rear of the figure when removed. Make of that what you will.

Accuracy-wise, this Anomalocaris is pretty good. The lobes are correct in number and shape, the eye stalks are correctly positioned, and the tail is correct too. The details on the mouth are there, very accurate to the fossils. The only nitpicks I can find are that the spikes on the arms could be a little more varied in size, rather than be quite as uniform, and they don’t capture the compound nature of the eyes, but otherwise it’s good for accuracy.

Overall, this is a good representation of Anomalocaris. It may not be the best (that goes to Kaiyodo), but it is the biggest, befitting of one of the first large predators known. eBay is your best bet for finding this figure, with the option of smaller, cheaper versions, as the larger one has become somewhat more expensive. Either will suit your collection well.

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Comments 6

  • Nice review.

    This version of the Anomalocaris looks especially cool poised above the Bullyland Trilobite; “let’s do lunch.”


  • The colors that have to be recognized are something bright, but on the other hand it is a highly educational toy. The Cambrian fauna of the same brand makes it one of the most appreciated figures from my point of view of the company Favorite.

    The figures of the Cambrian including the opabinia and anomalocaris of Favorite large size I recommend for all that person interested in quality invertebrates.

  • And what do you think of the new 2017 Colorata Anomalocaris?

    • I think only a black and white photo has been released, right? Hard to compare until it’s actually available.

    • Looks like a really good figure. Like the lobes being more dynamic, though the frontal appendages are a bit long, I feel. Thank you for asking, glad you enjoyed the review.

  • Another Anomalocaris toy which I know is an Anomalocaris plushie, its brand is deep sea creature and its total length is 29 cm. Really enjoyed you review on this terrifying Cambrian and complex predator. I t could have ruled the Cambrian seas,just like Tyrannosaurus Rex!!

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