Austrosaurus (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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Across the globe, the bones of mighty giants of the ancient world are waiting to be found. The largest of the land animals are the Titanosaurs, giant sauropods found across the globe. Here, we examine one early titan from Australia, Austrosaurus, a 5 metre tall sauropod found in the Albian rocks of Queensland. This was made by Yowie, in their Lost Kingdoms line. Lets see how they did…..

To the figure. It, like all the Yowie models, is small, measuring 1.8″ high, 3.6″ long and 0.6″ wide. The pose is a ponderous one, slowly moving off, ambling along. It’s a mix of grey and beige colour, with black foot pads and nails. The issue with the beige underneath is that, at least with mine, it can be prone to flaking off. There is a little movement, the tail moves 360 degrees, the neck and legs back and forth, so there is a little variation, but not much to speak of. The details are quite good, plenty of wrinkles and folds. Looks brilliant.

Now to accuracy, and this is where marks are lost on this figure. The length is pretty good, though the neck may be too long. The skull appears to be a mix between a Brachiosaurus and a Diplodocus, though this can be excused, as the skull of Austrosaurus, like most Titanosaurs, is unknown. The back is quite slopped, a result of very long front legs and tiny back legs. This is really wrong, as Austrosaurus is known for it’s perfectly straight, with fairly even legs, making this more like a Brachiosaurus than an Austrosaurus.

This is a nice, but notably flawed figure. It is, however, the only Austrosaurus figure available, so you haven’t got much choice if you want a representation of the species. It’s long been discontinued, so eBay is your best chance to find it. It’s nice, but I can’t say it’s a mush have.

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