Jurassic World Dominion Minis part 2 (Jurassic World by Mattel)

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Well, I’ve shown you the worst of this line, let’s waste no time and get straight on to the best of them!

Starting off the top half is everyone’s favourite three horned herbivore Triceratops. This features one of the best poses of the lot (something I haven’t talked at length about as most the figures are in a generic standing pose), an aggressive fight pose, all the better when you have two to joust with. Like the Stegosaurus, it does feel a little low at the front then it should, but could be worse. The greens really work for a herbivore here, can definitely appreciate the colour scheme. It measures 3.2″ and 1.1″ and can be found alongside Pteranodon.


Sticking with the herbivores is a classic, Iguanodon. The overall sculpt is great, with the only real issue being the hands, the thumb spike not as pronounced as it should and lacking the three digits, but it is so small you can miss it (indeed, I only noticed while writing the review). If in doubt, I dare say many would use it as another ornithopod if they so choose too. The colouration is great, really reminding me of the Walking with Dinosaurs model. It can be found in a two pack with fellow British dino Baryonyx.

Second pterosaur of the set, and it’s a big one, the mighty Quetzacoatlus. This is based on a larger figure, the massive action model, simply shrunk down. It still features some articulation like the main figure, the arms. These are actually folded in the box, but can be outstretched once out. The proportions are quite close to the fossils, not a lot I can fault here (I will leave that to those with more knowledge of pterosaurs). The colouration (bar the overly yellow beak) aren’t bad, a sky blue being the main colour. It has a 3.9″ wingspan when fully outstretched and 1.1″ high (not easy to get as the head and neck can get top heavy). It is in a two pack with Gallimimus.

Here we see Yangchuanosaurus from Yongchuan, China, and a rather good one too. The bony plates on it’s skull may be a little over the top, but it still works well. The wrists aren’t too horribly pronated, if at all (left one is the worst offender). The feet are spectacular, perfectly proportioned, best of the lot. Slight play gives it a bit of a more dynamic pose too. It too has a poseable jaw, so can have some alteration in pose. It measures 3.4″ long and is 1.8″ high, and is packaged with Velociraptor.

Top three time! One of the stars of the new film, Therizinosaurus makes it’s Jurassic Park/World debut, and here we see it in miniature. This isn’t too bad either, skull may be a tad long, but I appreciate that it is correct, beak and all, plus feathers on a Jurassic World model is a miracle. The hands even avoid pronation, if a tad scrawny. I like they avoided bright colours, darker muted colours are a refreshing change of pace. The arms are poseable, so you can get it properly slashing it’s opponents. It measures 2″ high and 3.1″ long and is packaged with Lystrosaurus.

Now to the second of the single set figures, and it’s the big bad of Dominion, Giganotosaurus, one of my personal favourite theropods. I love this model too. The main issues are the ridges, likely a nod to related Concavenator and Acrocanthosaurus, no proof in the fossil record, but plenty of flare. Think the look is why I can’t help but love it. Feet are a touch oversized, but not as proportionally bad as others. Like the other theropods, the Giganotosaurus features a poseable jaw, allowing children to have it go in for the kill. It is big compared to the rest, a whooping 4.5″ long and 2.2″ high.

As annoying as duplicates are, a pack of them is almost intimidating.

Now to the final model, my absolute favourite, largely because there was no real reason to make it, as it isn’t from the era of the dinosaurs. Not as old as the Dimetrodon that appeared in the film, but Lystrosaurus was from 250 million years ago of the Triassic, and was highly successful in it’s time, being one of the species proving the existence of Pangaea. It is spot on to the fossils, save the bit of a crest forming on the skull, but it’s not too distracting. I like the colourations, and it works as even better camouflage for a smaller species. It is pretty dinky, a mere 1.8″ long and 0.6″ high. It comes with Therizinosaurus.

I have an appreciation for these models, but there are a few things I should let you know when buying. If you want to go in blind, prepare for doubles. If you don’t, there are codes on the bottom of each box that can tell you what is in the box. I shall link the site I found to let you know here. The other is that online shops seem to charge ridiculous prices for these at times. Do not pay more than £/$5 for these sets. Buying instore is also better if you are looking for the codes. Best of luck finding the ones you like, there are plenty worth grabbing.

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Comments 4

  • I just got the Lystrosaurus and Therizinosaurus too, so thanks very much for providing the link to the codes! A real service to the community

  • Yeah. I sought out those two as well. Using the codes to do so felt a little bit unsporting, but I wanted to be able to give a good home to any small rubber dinos I take home.

    The lystrosaurus is SUPER! More of these from all the companies.

    Now was it just my hopeful imagination, or was there a very brief glimpse of a placerias in JW:D?

  • I feel like the trike’s pose is probably inspired by the old TLW Toy.

  • The Lystrosaurus is the only one that I deliberately sought out, I agree that it is the best of the minis. I have the set that includes the Quetzacoatlus too, because I like that one as well.

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