Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Jurassic Park by Kenner)

4.9 (71 votes)
Much as I feel bad for peddling nostalgia yet again, here’s  a real classic – a toy that will be instantly recognised by anyone who grew up during the 1990s and loved dinosaurs. Just as the movie dramatically raised the bar when it came to on-screen dinosaurs, the original Kenner action figure line was, as my fellow reviewer Dan might say, “a slap in the face” for anyone used to small, poorly-detailed dinosaur toys.

Review: Allosaurus (Wild Safari version 1 by Safari Ltd)

2.5 (18 votes)
Review and photos by Rugops. Edited by Plesiosauria.
Allosaurus is one the most popular dinosaurs ever. Because of this it has appeared in many different sculpts, one of them being this model from 1996. The body, neck, and head are made of rigid plastic, while the arms, lower legs, and tail are made of softer, slightly pliable plastic.

Review: Iguanodon (Bullyland)(2010 Version)

4.2 (10 votes)
Perhaps best known for their prehistoric mammals, Bullyland of Germany has been taking gradual steps to improve their line of dinosaur figures. Few figures exemplify this better than their latest version of Iguanodon, released in 2010.

Happily plodding on all fours, this gentle giant actually treads in the realm of action figures with an articulated left forearm.

Review: Brontosaurus (Marolin / VEB Plaho)

3.7 (6 votes)

A firm from the German Democratic Republic, VEB (Volkseigener Betrieb) Plaho, released a series of highly collectable dinosaur figures in 1967. They were sold in the Museum of Sena in Thuringia, Germany until the mid-1980s. The follower firm to Plaho, Marolin, re-released them in 1990. Plaho / Marolin did not only make dinosaurs but produced the complete span from wildlife animals to domestic animals, this broad span making it something like “East German Schleich”.

Review: Tanystropheus (Starlux)

4.1 (7 votes)
Somehow, not a single Starlux figure has ever been reviewed on the Dinosaur Toy Blog! I don’t know how we omitted such an influential line all this time but it’s time to finally change that. The delightful line of prehistoric animals produced by French company Starlux, mainly during the 1960s and 70s, is highly collectible today.

Review: Allosaurus (Kinto Favorite Desktop Model)

4.6 (5 votes)
Following the split with Dinostoreus in the United States, the Japanese manufacturer Favorite (formerly known as Kinto) has developed several unique dinosaur collectibles. The most interesting of these can arguably be found in their desktop model line, which features detailed polyresin statues of popular species. Their first release for 2010 is a 1:40 scale Allosaurus, a well-known creature that stands apart from its desktop peers with a striking blue coloration.

Review: Edmontosaurus (UKRD)

4.2 (18 votes)
The blog’s gone all grown-up recently with resin kits and limited-edition statues – leave it to me to lower the tone and introduce a mere toy. What we have here, then, is what is known among collectors as a ‘Chinasaur’ – cheaply made and featuring little more identification than ‘Made in China’.

Review: Tyrannosaurus “Tyrant King” Statue (Safari Ltd. Primal)

4.9 (15 votes)
Review by Dan Liebman
Around the time Jurassic Park was pumping prehistoric animals back into pop culture consciousness, Safari Ltd. released this rather large statue of the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex. One glance, and it’s clear the company was appealing to mature collectors of dinosauria. At 50 centimeters in length, this 1:20 replica bears an indisputable presence that simply can’t be conveyed from a 1:40 scale figure.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Antediluvia Collection)

4.8 (20 votes)
David Krentz, also responsible for sculpting and designing the Sideshow Dinosauria Collection, has created a line of dinosaur models on a much smaller and thankfully less expensive scale.  The Antediluvia Collection consists of dinosaurs all made in exactly 1/72 scale but don’t let the small size fool you. 

Review: Stegosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

4.9 (7 votes)
I recently decided to give in to a long-lasting urge and purchased my first ever desktop dinosaur models. Given the considerable price tag on some of these statues, it can be a big decision, especially in these days of online shopping when it’s difficult to know if it’s really worth it, and when there’s risk of damage during transit.

Review: Protoceratops (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd.)

3.7 (6 votes)
One of the more unusual early Carnegie releases (© 1988), this Protoceratops is less dinosaur toy, more cheap-‘n’-cheerful diorama. The inspiration’s pretty obvious for anyone who’s read a dinosaur book or two (a classic case of mistaken identity – nobody tell this guy!), but it made for an odd early entry among the chunky theropods with painted-on teeth.

Review: Agustinia (Deluxe Collection, CollectA)

3 (20 votes)
Review and Photos by Nicholas Anning (“Brontozaurus”). Edited by Plesiosauria.
CollectA/Procon is somewhat unique among dinosaur toy companies in that they have an extensive range of dinosaur toys which represent relatively obscure dinosaurs. While these toys seem to vary in quality (to say the least), they at least deserve points for trying.

Review: Prehistoric Sea Life Toob (Safari Ltd.)

4.4 (16 votes)
Review by Cordylus, photos and figure captions by Plesiosauria
This is truely a marine reptile lover’s dream come true. For years, Nothosaurus, Metriorhynchus, Basilosaurus and the like were all hard to find and expensive (if there were any to even be found) – until now.

Review: Apatosaurus (2010) (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.2 (21 votes)

Review and photos by Dr Andre Mursch (“Brontodocus”). Edited by Plesiosauria.

Get your fore feet back down to earth, Bronto, here comes 2010’s latest release of the Wild Safari Dinos series by Safari Ltd:

Apatosaurus maybe regarded the archetype of a sauropod – a highly iconic dinosaur taxon almost everybody knows today – despite the long taxonomic confusion caused by its popular junior synonym Brontosaurus coined by the same author, O.C.

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